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Merry Christmas with Mirnita


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Merry Christmas with Mirnita

  1. 1. I I love the navidad for the following reasons
  2. 2. That it is possible to say of the delicious turkey that Christmas holidays are done in entas
  3. 3. Also I am charmed with the navidad because it is the best moment to see movies
  4. 4. I am charmed with the holidays that are realized for these epochs since there it is where one coexists and knows mas persons, apart from the fact that it is a very nice time to coexist
  5. 5. Clear this one that cannot be absent the tree in these holidays(parties).
  6. 6. That mas can very happy and unforgettable moments. say owner the navidad because ma gives
  7. 7. In conclusion I can say that one year without navidad not serious a good year