Welcome to the Workshop on Research Prototyping in Games (WRPG 2012)


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Welcome to the Workshop on Research Prototyping in Games (WRPG 2012).

Presentation of scope and schedule for the WRPG workshop, held the 29th of May Raleigh, North Carolina. The workshop was co-located with the Foundations for Digital Games Conference (FDG), and associated with the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

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  • Full game design that may net make sense to implement. But need larger context to understand the part. Resources.
  • history. Realizing that thereZ is little on games research proto. Most I knew, I learned from Elina. Euproj.We wrote a paper on it. Anne using similar methodology. Many do! Build it to Understand it (2005), Wicked Problems.Now this workProgram committee composition: researchers in the wicked design space. Industry people who design in the space, and articulate thoughts in books etc. (not so much division re acadea-industry in this, more alike each other re work-driving forces than many in the home-org)Ask forName affiliation and what they want to get out from workshop
  • Welcome to the Workshop on Research Prototyping in Games (WRPG 2012)

    1. 1. Research Prototyping in Games General: C t th b t possible G l Create the best ibl design, guided by design goals. Here: Create a prototype that can yield the most knowledge or insight to a particular question or area of inquiry. Build it to understand it (Stern & Mateas 2005)) Wicked Problems (Churchman 1967)
    2. 2. Challenges To do game design, but not only aiming to do a good design, but also gain answers to certain questions. Design for the (always limited) play tests: to balance how big or small the vertical slice should be be.
    3. 3. Introductions Organizers: Mirjam P Eladhari (Malta University, Gotland University), Elina M.I. Ollila (Independent), Anne Sullivan (Univ Of California, Santa Cruz) (Univ. California Program Committee: Stephane Bura (Namaste Ent.), Dan Cook (Spry Fox) Joris Dormans (Univ Of Amsterdam) (Univ. Amsterdam), Jussi Holopainen (Nokia), Ian Horswill (Northwestern University), Mark Nelson (IT University of Copenhagen), Brian Schwab (Blizzard Entertainment) Speakers: Mark Nelson, Emmet Tomai, Rosendo Salazar, Dave Salinas, Jon Manker Participants
    4. 4. Program9:00a - 9:30a Welcome9:30a - 10:30a Morning Session 1 9:30a - 10:00a - Prototyping Kant-inspired Reflexive Game Mechanics - Mark Nelson 10:00a - 10:30a - An MMORPG Prototype for Investigating Adaptive Quest Narratives and Player Behavior - Emmet Tomai, Rosendo Salazar and Dave Salinas10:30a - 11:00a Break11:00a - noon Morning Session 2 11:00a - 11:30a - Testing the Designscape – Prototyping a Game Prototyping Tool - Jon Manker 11:30a - noon - The Research Prototyping Toolbox - Elina MI Ollilanoon - 1:30p Lunch1:30p 2:00p Presentation of workshop1 30 - 2 00 P t ti f k h2:00p - 3:00p - Group work3:00p - 3:30p Break3:30p - 4:15p - Group work4:15p - 5:00p - Discussion and wrap-up