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Plants need water


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Plants need water

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Plants need water

  1. 1. Plants drink Water
  2. 2. For our experiment we need celery
  3. 3. We also need water, red and blue food colouring.
  4. 4. We pour water in two containers.
  5. 5. We mix red food colouring into one container and blue food colouring into another. We stir the water.
  6. 9. We put the stalks of celery in the water.
  7. 11. We leave it for several hours even overnight.
  8. 12. The next day we see red and blue marks on the leaves.
  9. 13. We cut up the stalk.
  10. 14. There are red and blue lines inside the stalk.
  11. 16. We discover that water is absorbed and sucked up by a plant. It travels up the plant and then into the leaves. A plant drinks water.