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  1. 1. Curated Art Exhibition: COLOR By: Miriam Morales Art 102
  2. 2. Why is color important? Each color is unique because they all have their own meaning and feelings; it can easily change the mood. Primary colors: Red, Blue and Yellow.
  3. 3. Henry O. Tanner “Annunciation” 1898, oil on canvas, 4’9” x 5’11” In Tanner’s “Annunciation” painting, the use of warm colors like orange and yellow giving the feeling of happiness and energy and also purity. As we can see in the painting, Mary is listening carefully as the Angel Gabriel tells her that she’s the one chosen to be the mother of Christ.
  4. 4. Pablo Picasso “Old Guitarist” 4’x 2’ Oil on panel During his blue period, the portraits consisted of all blue tones with a gloomy feeling. In this picture of the Old Guitarist, we see an old man hunched over with his guitar. The different shades of blue used in this painting gives us the feeling that the old man is near death.
  5. 5. CLAUDE MONET Impression Sunrise 1873, o/c, 1’7”x 2’1” Monet is very sensitive to the moods created by a landscape; in his own words he explained his method of depicting the feeling of a scene. In this painting, the sun is setting against the dawn. The gray/blue color gives the painting a calm feeling. The bright colors draws attention to the sun. The sun reflects the feeling produced by the motion of the sea.
  6. 6. The dull colors used in the painting show the importance of the story behind the painting over the painting itself. David used the superior harmony of the colors.
  7. 7. Jacques-Louis David Death of Marat 1793, oil on canvas 65 in 50 in The dark shadow space above the body gives the painting a cruel feeling. His face and body bathed in a soft, glowing light giving the feeling of awareness.
  8. 8. Jackson Pollock Going West 1934-1935 oil on gesso 15 1/8 x 20 3/4 in. This painting is of a family moving west. Pollock might have created this because as a child he has moves west to Arizona and California with his family. The dark blue sky gives a tranquility and calmness perception.