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Smart Use of Social Media


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Presentation given at the Cantors' Convention in NJ, 5/20/2013

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Smart Use of Social Media

  1. 1. Smart Use of SocialMedia for CantorsPresented by MiriamBrosseauAssociate Director of Network InitiativesThe Jewish Education Project andDarim Online/See3
  2. 2. "Social" is a ProcessSocial media is an iterativeprocess:Listen, Plan, Engage,Measure, AdaptYour social media presenceis not a bullhorn.Social begins withLISTENING.
  3. 3. Plan: The POST FormulaPeopleObjectivesStrategiesTools
  4. 4. Example: Freedom25Read:
  5. 5. Before we try out POST, a reminder...
  6. 6. Now Its YOUR Turn!
  7. 7. On Choosing Tools• Learno listen, read,watch, practice• Playo jump in!• Separateo tools fromstrategy• Worko the tool wontdo it for you• Fail forward
  8. 8. Some examples...Tools Good For: Storytelling
  9. 9. Tools Good For: Conversations
  10. 10. Tools Good For: Collaboration/Sharing
  11. 11. Tools Good For: Events
  12. 12. Tools Good For: Teaching/Learning
  13. 13. Thank you!Questions, comments, kvetches,kvells? Keep in touch!Miriam