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"I Am Planting" Text Study


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"I Am Planting" Text Study

  1. 1. I am Planting Music and Lyrics by Miriam Brosseau & Alan Jay Sufrin Here, in the earth that fashioned Eve 1 Here they planted for me Here, where understanding grew 2 I’m planting for you Up here an olive branch was seen 3 Here they planted for me Under skies where colors flew 4 I’m planting for you Ki heichi d’shatlei li avahatai (as my ancestors planted for me) Shatlei nami livra’i (so now I plant for my children) 5 From here, a voice burned in the leaves 6 Here they planted for me A call to lead our people through 7 I’m planting for you Right here, Deborah came to teach 8 Here they planted for me Beneath her tree they sought the truth I’m planting for you Ki heichi... Shir hama’a lot (a song of ascents) 9 Someone dreamed the world for me B’shuv adoshem (when the Lord brought back) Now I am dreaming it for you Et shivat tzion (those that returned to Zion) Take the world, and dream anew Hayinu k’cholmim, k’cholmim (we were as dreamers, as dreamers) Ki heichi... (x2) Moses at the Burning Bush 6 7 9 Return from Babylonian Exile Noah’s Ark: Dove with Olive Branch and Rainbow 3 4 Judge Deborah and Palm Tree 8 Choni and the Carob Tree 5 Garden of Eden: Eve and the Tree of Knowledge 1-2 Copyright 2011 Stereo Sinai. All rights reserved. The Jewish Education Project