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Engage! Like-able Social Media


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Intro to soc

Published in: Technology, Business
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Engage! Like-able Social Media

  1. 1. Engage!"Like"-ableSocial MediaPresented by Miriam BrosseauAssociate Director of Network InitiativesThe Jewish Education Project, Darim Online
  2. 2. About Millennials•Technology is the norm(easier, greener, faster) - it is anextension of who they areo83% on social media; 51%smartphone ownerso"Use of tech" is #1 self-definedgenerational characteristic•Customization is expected(aesthetics, experiences)•Tend to "default to public"
  3. 3. Social Media = A way (medium)to get to people (social)(Relational,2-way -- Not a Bulletin Board)- 90% People, 10% Technology -scan me to watch highlightsfrom the twitter town hall
  4. 4. The Circle of Social MediaListen and LearnEngageMeasure/Adapt
  5. 5. Why Engagement MattersFacebooks EdgeRank:The more a "social object" isengaged, the more likely it isto be engaged.scan me for more about edgerank
  6. 6. Engagement starts on the inside...
  7. 7. 1. Who Are You?Social Media Principle:TransparencyJewish Guiding Value: HineiniWhy it is engaging: This is how you present yourself and say"here I am." Transparency breeds trust, which is key to anycommunity.Example: Jewish Futures can we engage more transparently?
  8. 8. Fostering TransparencyNote: Take transparency one step at a timeBe cognizant of privacy/legal issues.From Charlene Lis "Open Leadership": how big is your sandbox?•Tell the story of theprocess, not just the product•Share data•Admit mistakes - people (andsocial media) are forgiving!•Celebrate success and givecredit where credit is due•What else?
  9. 9. 2. How do you interact?Social Media Value: AuthenticityJewish Guiding Value: Tocho KvaroWhy it is a "gateway toengagement": When yourinteractions reflect on the outsidewhat you are made of on theinside, you welcome others intoyour world and set the stage to letthem to welcome you into theirs.Example: The Pardes Institute Facebook Page can we engage more authentically?scan me for more on tocho kvaro
  10. 10. Show, Dont Tell, Who You Are•Topics and Ideas: if you care, share!•Language: tone, style, vocabulary (in-speak), etc.•Pictures and Video: connect faces and names, humanize•Share a story in moments•Other ways?Your interactions should reflect and reinforce the valuesand personality of the organization.
  11. 11. 3. To what end?Social Media Value: Intention, Goal-settingJewish Guiding Value: KavanahWhy it is a "gateway to engagement": When eachinteraction builds towards a collective goal and reflects andintention, your community will sense the momentum and mayjoin you in your efforts.How can we engagewith more intention?
  12. 12. Set Your Vision•Set short and long-term goalsoBoth quantitative and qualitativeoReference your orgs vision/mission statement•Define your target audience•Focus, and involve other key players - "Do what you dobest, and network the rest."•Look at the system - no medium exists in a vaccuum•What else?
  13. 13. scan me to see more from tbs
  14. 14. IntentionTransparencyAuthenticity
  15. 15. AuthenticityTransparencyIntention
  16. 16. Questions? Comments? Ideas?Thanks, keep in touch, and have fun!Miriam