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Open Access Textbooks


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Power Point on Open Access Textbooks

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Open Access Textbooks

  1. 1. OpenTextbooks, Open Doors
  2. 2. What is an Open AccessTextbook? An open textbook is an openly-licensedtextbook offered online by its author(s). Why are they growing in popularity ?
  3. 3. Who Creates OpenTextbooks? By faculty and researchers from colleges& universities around the world. Teams of authors, illustrators, editors areoften paid by academic departments orsupported through grants or foundations. OpenStax
  4. 4. Advantages of OA Textbooks Easily Customizable New Editions are Optional Corrections are immediate Tremendous cost savings for students and thus lowering oneeconomic barrier to postsecondary education Distribute to your students via online, downloadable PDF, or print-on-demand. Writing Spaces
  5. 5. Evaluating OA Textbooks The same way you evaluate traditionaltextbooks. How do you currently review yourtextbooks? Peer review occurs prior to publication.Peer validation is more like a book reviewby experts in the field.
  6. 6. Finding OA Textbooks No tools yet for searching across all openaccess textbooks but … University of Minnesota Open AccessTextbook Catalog Merlot Smarthistory
  7. 7. How To Create OA Textbooks Easy to use software tools for writing orcustomizing OA Textbooks! Creating Open Access Textbooks Biology
  8. 8. According to a recent national survey, 70%of US college students say the sometimes skipbuying textbooks because of the cost.
  9. 9. Currently Required @Brooklyn College$213.00
  10. 10. Ways We Can Help Our Students Entering course materials into "My Textbooks" function in CUNYfirstto publicize materials for your courses so students can shop aroundfor the best prices. Mandated by the Higher Education OpportunityAct. Professors can help to reduce textbooks costs by consideringalternative editions—not just the latest edition. Instead of coursework packets, consider links to materials indatabases like JSTOR, Academic Search Complete, Lexis/Nexis. Create OA textbooks, especially when so much information is freelyavailable on the Internet.
  11. 11. Incentives Many colleges and Universities offer financialincentives to create OA Textbooks. President Gould announced her intention toestablish a fund ($25,000.00) to support theuse of Open Access source material by ourfaculty. This summer, the Provost, in consultation withthe deans, will develop a proposal procedurefor faculty.
  12. 12.  – a list of open textbooks curated by BritishColumbia Ministry of Advanced Education, Innovation andTechnology OpenStax College – High quality open textbook publisher basedout of Rice University. Open Textbook Catalog – maintained by the University ofMinnesota, this open textbook repository is a catalog of 150+existing open textbooks. Orange Grove Text – Florida’s operational repository project ofopen source educational materials. College Open Textbooks – lists open textbooks by subject, manyof which have been peer reviewed. InTech – World’s largest multidisciplinary open access publisher ofbooks covering the fields of Science, Technology and Medicine. The Open Access Textbooks was a two-year initiative that hascreated a sustainable model for the discovery, production, anddissemination of open textbooks.