Financial Institutions and Social Media Marketing


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Financial Institutions have a hard time to engage with their audience on social platforms due to restrictive compliance processes. Does this mean they can\’t communicate on Facebook & Co. at all? Best practice talk about the many compliance-free opportunities for banks to engage with their customers, given at an ICS Risk Advisor seminar with 20 bank clients in Jan. 2012.

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Financial Institutions and Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. Financial Institutionsand Social MediaNew Initiatives Based on Relationship Marketing
  2. 2. Relationship Marketing is About People, notTechnology“New marketing is about relationships, notabout the medium.”Ben Grossman
  3. 3. You Have to Nurture Long-Term CustomerRelationships• Social Media shifted the traditional view of marketing from a sales driven approach to a people driven approach• Relationship Marketing focuses on customer engagement and community building• All marketing should support the building of the highest value on social networks: trust
  4. 4. Embrace the New Skills - Empathy andCompassionI’ve learned that people will forget what you said,people will forget what you did,but people will never forget how you made them feel.Maya Angelou
  5. 5. People Are the Starting Point in SuccessfulSocial Media Marketing People Objective Strategy Technology Source: Forrester Research
  6. 6. What Does this New Marketing Perspectivemean?• We see a major shift in today’s marketing world which gives the power back to consumers• The way we will do business in 2015 is exactly the same way business owners did business in 1930 – personal, authentic and community-based• Adapting this change and including new platforms and technology to reach your target audience is key to success
  7. 7. Best Practices
  8. 8. Don’t Just Talk About Banking!
  9. 9. Don’t Just Talk About Banking!
  10. 10. Don’t Just Talk About Banking!
  11. 11. Show Your Community Engagement
  12. 12. Show Your Community Engagement
  13. 13. Show Your Community Engagement
  14. 14. Have a Good Content MixSource: Citi Bank
  15. 15. Have a Good Content Mix
  16. 16. Use Visual Guidance Elements in Your ContentMix
  17. 17. Make Information More Interesting andInclude Strong Calls-To-ActionSource: Bank of America
  18. 18. Host Contests to Build Your Community
  19. 19. Host Contests to Build Your Community
  20. 20. Host Contests to Build Your Community Source: HSBC Student Facebook Fan Page
  21. 21. Make Your Offers Stand Out in the DailyContent Flood
  22. 22. Post Something Different
  23. 23. Be Playful and Provide Useful Information
  24. 24. Use Social Media for Customer Happiness
  25. 25. Use Social Media for Customer Happiness
  26. 26. Start Your Relationship Marketing Now…Like us on to us on Twitter@miriamchristofMeet us for coffee@Peets
  27. 27. Thank You for Jumping With Us Miriam Christof Cell: 781.366.5549 Skype: miriam.christof