Isagenix Fitness Professionals Power Point Presentation


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Do you want your clients to have
*Increased energy
*Better stronger workouts
*Weight loss
*Inches lost
*More lean body mass
*Improved vitality
*Mental Clarity
*Anti aging benefits

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Isagenix Fitness Professionals Power Point Presentation

  1. 1. Balanced BODY. Balanced MIND. Balanced NUTRITION. That’s ISAGENIX®.
  2. 2. ISAGENIX is ideal for athletes. PAUL A World Natural Bodybuilding Champion MICHELLE D Olympic Luge Athlete LORI H Ms. Bikini America
  3. 3. Isagenix offers the highest-quality nutritional supplements, snacks and meal replacements to balance, rejuvenate and nourish the body with minerals, antioxidants and botanicals.
  4. 4. ISAGENIX isn’t a diet or short-term fix. CRYSTAL C SEVILLE K BRANDON C Isagenix is the ideal solution for good health. We’ve helped thousands of people transform their lives.
  5. 5. What is ISAGENIX? • Isagenix is food. • Isagenix tastes delicious. • Isagenix is convenient. • Isagenix takes a holistic approach to wellness. • Isagenix yields real and lasting results. • Isagenix nourishes your body with vitamins, botanicals and minerals. JANA P Olympic Athlete JANA P Olympic Athlete DAVID & SARAH G Bodybuilders
  6. 6. Did You Know? • There’s an obesity epidemic plaguing North America. More than 184,000,000 people are overweight. • The food we eat is often processed or grown in soils that lack nutrients. Even some of those “healthy” meals and snacks contain preservatives and other ingredients that can wreak havoc on your body. • We spend billions of dollars in healthcare research, yet our health continues to decline. • Isagenix addresses these issues too. Isagenix is a REAL solution.
  7. 7. What You May Experience... • Increased energy, stamina and endurance • Better, stronger workouts • Weight loss • Inches lost • More lean body mass • Improved vitality • Mental clarity • Healthy benefits AMBER A AMEN I
  8. 8. Products That WORK • IsaLean® Shake • Cleanse for Life® • Ionix® Supreme • Ageless Essentials™ with Product B® IsaGenesis® • Product B® IsaGenesis® Isagenix offers solutions for a healthy lifestyle. By giving your body the ultimate superfoods, you’re allowing your body to do what it does best: Remove impurities, replenish every cell and rejuvenate your body.
  9. 9. Cleanse for Life® • A synergistic blend of gentle, whole-body cleansing herbs and other natural compounds • Supports natural detoxification in the liver and cells • Encourages safe and healthy weight loss when used as part of an Isagenix System • Protects cells and vital organs from the damaging effects of free radicals • Helps protect against effects of environmental toxins
  10. 10. IsaLean® Pro • Aids in overcoming weight loss plateaus for those on a weight loss program; helps eliminate visceral belly fat and allows for superior muscle recovery and growth in athletes • Contains 36 grams of high quality undenatured protein from cows not treated with hormones or routine antibiotics • Only 280 calories
  11. 11. e+™ • Natural caffeine from green tea and yerba mate • Adaptogens to improve focus and physical performance • Provides a quick, healthy energy boost that lasts for hours • Great for kick-starting a workout • Stay alert and think clearly with this safe, effective and natural energy shot
  12. 12. Ionix® Supreme • Helps balance, rejuvenate and protect the body • Adaptogens to help you cope with stress • Energizes cells, boosts energy • Contains antioxidants to fight free radicals • Build strong nutritional foundation for good health
  13. 13. Ageless Essentials™ with Product B® IsaGenesis® • Featuring the newest 4th generation of Product B for greater cellular and telomere support, plus a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, omega- 3s and antioxidants for complete nourishment • Easy-to-use A.M. and P.M. packets
  14. 14. Product B® IsaGenesis® • Product B® IsaGenesis® features improved absorbability so that your body can effectively use the nutrients for superior antioxidant and telomere support in cells where they’re needed. • Assists with youthful cell function and healthy telomeres • Helps neutralize harmful free radicals that can accelerate aging • Improves efficiency of natural enzymes increasing antioxidant support
  15. 15. IsaPro® • Exclusively-sourced, undenatured whey protein concentrate from cows that are pasture-fed and not treated with hormones or antibiotics • One scoop of IsaPro contains 18 grams of nutritious whey protein • Lower lactose levels for easier digestion • Contains Ionic Alfalfa™, our advanced, supercharged blend of trace minerals
  16. 16. Want More Energy?® • Optimizes hydration; quenches thirst • A premium blend of B and C vitamins to help your body recover, replacing electrolytes and nutrients lost due to stress and exercise • Contains natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners or colors
  17. 17. Other IsaAthlete Favorites Oatmeal Berry SlimCakes® • Contains 5 grams of fiber and omega-3s, whole oats, inulin flaxseed and a delicious blend of blueberries and cranberries to keep you feeling satisfied longer
  18. 18. Real Athletes. Real Food. Real Results. That’s ISAGENIX®. Talk to your facility’s owner or manager to learn more about adopting an Isagenix lifestyle.