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SUMICO Technologies is diversified global technologies company with a team of professionals have experience of several years that provides sales and services for a wide range of industries, commercial markets and end-users, including consumers.SUMICO FAMILY is pleased to introduce SUMICO Technologies as most cost effective and reliable resource providing Plant Automation Solutions, Asset Optimization Solutions, Security Solutions and Industrial Equipments. SUMICO Technologies has been now at your service to cater ever expanding and increasing demands of industry. Indeed, it has been a fortunate opportunity for us along with our Associates & Global Business Partners to perform holy task of empowering the local industrial requirement.
Our leading product offerings include:
Field Instrumentation

Distributed Control Systems

Vibration Analysis

Field Balancing

Infrared Thermography

Laser Alignment

Metal Analysis (Positive Metal Identification)

Borescopic Inspection

NDT (Non Destructive Testing)

Oil Analysis

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Introduction of sumico

  1. 1. 2011Muhammad Irfan[Type the company name]SUMICOTECHNOLOGIESMuhammad Irfan[Type the company name]1/1/2011TECHNOLOGIES
  2. 2. January 1, 20112INTRODUCTIONSUMICO Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. is a reliable and trusted name in Plant Automation &ConditionMonitoring. Since many years we have been providing Sales & Services in the fields ofField InstrumentationDistributed Control SystemsVibration AnalysisField BalancingInfrared ThermographyLaser AlignmentMetal Analysis (Positive Metal Identification)Borescopic InspectionNDT (Non Destructive Testing)Oil AnalysisMISSION STATEMENTSUMICO Technologies is committed to helping our customers succeed and to building long-term value forour shareholders.The company focuses strategically on the opportunities presented by Four important global issues.Business without BordersEnergy EfficiencyCommunications RevolutionResources for the WorldThe brand values and brand promise express how SUMICO’s world-class people create and engineersuperior technology and are driven to collaborate, cross-sell and offer better services for our customers.The policy of SUMICO is not only to sale the equipment but also to provide support, technical expertiseand after sale services to the utmost satisfaction of our worthwhile clients in various industries acrossPakistan.MARKETINGOur marketing approach is multi-faceted. By establishing our own branches and managed operations weachieve thecontrol needed to maximize our market coverage. We maintain close contacts with engineers andcontractors, promptly handle all inquiries and technical data requests, participate in exhibitions andconducts seminars, and our engineers visit industries on a regular basis.CORPORATE HEAD QUARTER BRANCH OFFICESSUMICO Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ISLAMABAD:185/J-1, M.A Johar Town, Lahore - PAKISTAN. H# 307, Main Margalla Road, F-11/ 3,T: +92 42 35315541-43, F: +92 42 35315540 Islamabad - , C: 03005527509KARACHI:House # E-25 Block –A, RailwaySociety,Gulshan-e-Jamal, Karachi -PAKISTAN.C: 0321-4787882
  3. 3. January 1, 20113SUMICO Technologies Principals Products DATAPrincipal Name Origin Products ListFIELD SERVICESCondition Monitoring& NDT1. Vibration Analysis2. Field Balancing Services3. Laser Alignment4. Online Condition Monitoring5. Oil Analysis6. Boroscopic Inspection7. Infrared Thermography8. Motor Current Analysis9. Non Destructive Testing & UT10. Metal AnalysisEDUCATIONAL SERVICES VIBRATION ANALYSIS1. Level I2. Level II3. Level IIIOIL ANALYSIS1. Level I2. Level IIFIELD BALANCING1. Laser Alignment2. Reliability Centered MaintenancePROJECT MANAGEMENT & IMPLEMENTATIONSERVICES1. Pre-Contract Preparation2. Planning3. Design4. Implementation and Test SimulatorDevelopment5. Engineering, Procurement and ConstructionActivitiesEMERSON ROSEMOUNTMEASUREMENTUSA 1. Pressure Measurement2. Temperature Measurement3. Flow Measurement4. Level Measurement5. Smart Wireless Products6. Field Bus Interface Products7. Asset Management with Intelligent DeviceManager product Solutions8. Accessories9. Field Communicator: a Calibration ToolEMERSON ROSEMOUNTANALYTICALUSA 1. Gas Chromatography2. Combustion Analysis3. Process Gas Analysis4. Emission Monitoring5. On-line Wet Chemistry Analyzers
  4. 4. January 1, 201146. Systems, Transmitters and Sensorsfor pH/ORP, Conductivity, DissolvedOxygen/ Ozone, Chlorine - Free, Mono andTotal, Turbidity, Resistivity etc.7. Oxygen AnalyzerEMERSON POWER & WATERSOLUTIONSDistributed Control SystemUSA OVATION INDUSTRY SOLUTION1. Power Solutions2. Turbine Control Solutions3. BOP & HRSG Solutions4. SCADA Application Solutions5. Equipment Interface SolutionWATER AND WASTEWATER SOLUTIONS1. Enterprise Integration for Water & WastewaterIndustries2. Situation Analysis3. SCADA Solution for Water and WastewaterTreatment PlantCROSS INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS1. Abnormal Situation Solution2. DCS Total Control SolutionRENEWABLE ENERGY SOLUTIONS1. Wind Energy Management System2. Hydroelectric Control Solution3. Solar Field Control Solution4. Geothermal Plant Control5. Hydrokinetics Plant SolutionOVATION APPLICATIONS1- Power Applications2- Water & Wastewater Applications3- Metal Industry Applications4- Renewable Energy Resources ApplicationsPOWER APPLICATIONS1- Fleet Optimization Solution2- Boiler Control Solution3- Burner Management System4- Soot blower Control Solution5- Time Synchronization Control System6- Unit Coordinated Control System7- Electric Control Management System8- Turbine Start and Load program9- Turbine Over Speed Protection10- Gas Turbine Control & Retrofit Solution6. Turbine Mechanical Equipment
  5. 5. January 1, 20115METAL & INDUSTRIALPROCESSING APPLICATIONS1. Batch Processing2. Blast Furnace Control3. Basic Oxygen Furnace Control4. Continuous Caster Control5. Cocking Process Control6. Degasser Control7. Ore Processing Control8. Reheat Furnace Control9. Rolling Mill Control10. Film Sensitizing MachineWATER & WASTEWATER APPLICATIONS1. Water Treatment Control2. Wastewater Treatment Control3. Supervisory Control and Data AcquisitionEMERSON ASSETOPTIMIZATIONCondition MonitoringUSA 1. Wireless Technology2. Portable Vibration AnalyzerI. CSI 21303. Online Protection/Prediction Systems6500 Series4. Balancing Kit5. Laser Alignment Kit6. Ultra Sonic Kit7. Oil Analysis Kit8. Motor Current Analysis9. AMS Suite with MHMHANSFORD SENSORS UK 1. Portable HS-620 Vibration Meter Kits2. Portable HS-630 Vibration Meter Kits3. Vibration Modules4. Online Vibration system5. Accessories etcCTCVibration Analysis HardwareUSA 1. High Temp Accelerometersa. CM362-7Ab. HA602-A050c. HA602-A100d. HA602-V1002. 4 to 20 mA Output Solutionsi. SC200 Seriesii. SC901 Seriesiii. LP 200 Seriesiv. LP 250 Seriesv. LP 300 Seriesvi. LP 350 Seriesvii. LP 400 Series
  6. 6. January 1, 20116AVATEC POWER Switzerland INDUSTRIAL UPS SYSTEMS1. NP 2031 Series2. NP 3031 Series3. NP 4033 SeriesLEAD ACID BATTERY1. VRLAAGM Type Battery2. VRLA Gel Type Battery3. Tabular Plate OPzSRECTIFIER / BATTERY CHARGERS1. NSC Series Single Phase Battery Charger2. NTC Three Phase Battery ChargerVALVE REGULATED SEALEDLEAD ACID BATTERY1. Single Cell Type,2. Block Type3. Pocket Plate BatteryFRENZELIT, INC. Germany 1. Fabric Expansion Joints2. Elastomer Expansion Joints3. PTFE Material Expansion Joints4. Rubber Expansion Joints5. Metal Expansion Joints6. Gas KitsCONTROL TECHNIQUES USA 1. AC Drives2. DC Drives3. Servo Drives4. Soft StartersLEROY-SOMER France 1. D.C Motors2. Brake Induction Motors3. Electromechanical products - Geared motors4. Variable speed control5. ATEX6. Gearless motors7. Permanent magnet synchronous motor8. PARTNER rangeLow Voltage- 2 Pole - 3.5 up to 50 kWProfessional and industrial- 4 Pole - 5 up to 2250 kW9. POWER rangeLow, Medium and High Voltage- 4 to 24 Pole - 1 up to 20 MW10. WIND TURBINE rangeLow and Medium Voltage- 4 to 8 Pole - 1 up to 5 MW
  7. 7. 7FLIRYXLONTWISONATESTPROCEQOXFORD INSTRUMENTSGEMeasurement &ControlSolutionJanuary 1, 2011Sweden 1. FLIR A-Series Infrared Cameras2. FLIR B-Series Infrared Cameras3. FLIR GF-Series Infrared Cameras4. FLIR SC-Series Infrared Cameras5. FLIR P-Series Infrared Cameras6. FLIR T-Series Infrared Cameras7. FLIR i60-Series Infrared Cameras8. FLIR i5 / FLIR i7 Infrared CamerasGermany 1. The perfect system for fast, precise CT2. Y.XPO 225 - Powerful PortableUK 1. Non Destructive Testing - NDTUK 1. Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors2. Advanced Ultrasonic Products3. Thickness / Coating Gauges4. Software5. Ultrasonic Transducers6. Nodularity7. Partnership Products8. Consumables9. NDT AccessoriesSwitzerland 1. EQUOTIP -3 Portable Hardness Tester2. PICCOLO -2 Portable Hardness Tester3. BAMBINO -2 Portable Hardness Tester4. EQUOTESTUK X-MET hand-held XRF analyzers are specificallydesigned for:1. Positive material identification (PMI)2. Metal identification/scrap sorting3. Analysis of alloys and hazardous materialanalysis (RoHS screening)4. Analysis of heavy metals in soils on pollutedlands and ores at mining sites5. Screening for lead in toys6. Detection of lead in paintGermany 1. Video Probe Measurement2. XLG-3 Video Probe3. XL Go Video Probe4. XL Vu Video Probe5. 6.2 mm XL Go Video Probewith Working ChannelJanuary 1, 2011Series Infrared CamerasSeries Infrared CamerasCamerasSeries Infrared CamerasSeries Infrared CamerasSeries Infrared CamerasSeries Infrared CamerasFLIR i5 / FLIR i7 Infrared CamerasThe perfect system for fast, precise CTPowerful Portable X-Ray SystemNDTDigital Ultrasonic Flaw DetectorsAdvanced Ultrasonic Products3 Portable Hardness Tester2 Portable Hardness Tester2 Portable Hardness Testerheld XRF analyzers are specificallyidentification (PMI)Metal identification/scrap sortingAnalysis of alloys and hazardous materialAnalysis of heavy metals in soils on pollutedlands and ores at mining sites
  8. 8. January 1, 20118AGRField OperationsUK 1. TD Focus-Scan2. TD Pocket-Scan3. TD Pocket-Amp4. TD Product Range5. TD Advanced Ultrasonic Software6. TD ScanECTRohmann GmbHGERMANY 1. ELOTEST M32. ELOTEST M2 V33. Scan Analyzer®4. ELOTEST PL5005. ELOTEST B300OPTIKA MICROSCOPES ITALY 1. LABORATORY MICROSCOPE2. EDUCATIONAL MICROSCOPE3. INDUSTRY MICROSCOPEEMCOTEST Austria 1. Hardness Testing MachinesI. N3 ,V4/V5 ,M4 ,M4-E ,M5 etcII. Dura Jet , Dura Scan ,Dura Pro etcPHOENIX UK Ultrasonic non destructive Solution2. Transducers ,Special Transducers3. Phased array,TOFD4. Different Scaners and Inspection toolsIMASONIC France 1. Ultrasonic Transducers and Probes2. Flexible Arrays Transducers3. Phased array probes4. Miniature Single element and array probesISS Machinery Services JAPAN All Enquiries of JAPAN Based Principals Forward us.We will Provide the Best Solution and Quote the ProperPrice1. Parts Supply Centre2. Plant Machinery Department3. Services for the Supply of ReconditionedSpares4. Services for Supply and Technical Solutions