Quiz bratislava


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Quiz bratislava

  1. 1. Primary and Secondary School Kulíškova 8, Bratislava
  2. 2. a) north of Slovakia b) south-west of Slovakia c) east of Slovakia
  3. 3. a) Hron b) Váh c) Dunaj
  4. 4. a) an Orava Castle b) a Castle Devin c) a Bratislava Castle
  5. 5. a) the Saint Peter´s Cathedral b) b) the Saint Martin´s Cathedral c) c) the Saint Mathew´s Cathedral
  6. 6. a) the Slovak Parliament b)the Slovak Government c) the President
  7. 7. a) Museum of Technology b) Museum of Toys c) Museum of Clocks
  8. 8. a) writers b) fallen soldiers c) famous Slovaks  
  9. 9. a) general Milan Rastislav Štefánik b) b) Gustáv Husák c) c) Michal Kováč
  10. 10. a) processes crude oil b) produces cars c) produces steel
  11. 11. a) a) Bratislava Castle b) b) the Slovak National Theatre building c) c) Main Square (Hlavné námestie)