Hiking in bulgaria


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Hiking in bulgaria

  1. 1. HIKING IN
  2. 2. Eco Tourism in Bulgaria ➢Exquisite natural diversity ➢Favourable climate providing opportunities for round-the-year recreation and sports ➢A network of protected territories - 3 national parks, 9 nature parks, 89 reserves ➢Diverse flora and fauna ➢37 000 km marked mountain trails, eco-paths in hilly and mountain regions ➢2 natural sites included in the UNESCO World Nature Heritage list; ➢Possibilities for bird watching, rare plants and geological sites observation, photo-safari, rock climbing, hiking, caving, snowshoeing, riding, fishing, cycling, rafting, delta and paragliding
  3. 3. What are greenways? Greenways are routes, trails or natural corridors used in harmony with their ecological function and potential for sports, tourism, recreation and transportation. Who uses greenways? Local population: -active way of life (e.g. walking, jogging, cycling, skating, etc.); -safe and sustainable mobility (commuting to work, getting to school, shop, playground, getting out from town to nature). Tourists and visitors: -routes and trails for hiking and cycling (tours, trips...) -trails and paths for heritage interpretation, getting to scenic places, view points, etc.
  4. 4. History of hiking in Bulgaria The first hiking and tourist society in Bulgaria was founded on August 27, 1895 by Bulgarian writer and nature-lover Aleko Konstantinov on the top of Cherni Vrah (2290 m) Along with some 300 people, he walked from the centre of present-day Sofia up to the highest peak on Mt Vitosha, Cherni Vruh. Тhe society transformed into the present Bulgarian Tourist Union, and the anniversary of its founding is marked yearly on the last Sunday of August. A couple of days after the original event Aleko published an enthusiastic article under the title "Unbelievable but True: 300 People on Cherni Vrah."
  5. 5. The variety and beauty of the Bulgarian nature provide excellent opportunities for ecological tourism - hiking in the protected territories along some of the many eco trails, watching birds and animals, visiting caves and natural sites, conquering peaks, learning about the unique flora, picking herbs and mushrooms, etc. What unites all these pleasant activities is the proximity to nature and the friendly and responsible attitude towards it.
  6. 6. European Long Distance Trails E3: Santiago de Compostela (Es) - Emine (Bg), 6950 km Bulgaria: 700 km, Mount Kom to cape Emine on the Black Sea. E4: Gibraltar -Pyrenees - Lake Constance – Balaton - Rila Kreta - Cyprus Its length is more than 10,000 km, but the route through Romania and part of Bulgaria is not yet completely defined. E8: Dorsey Head (Irl) –Mount Rhodopi (Bg), 4390 km Irish Sea - Rhein - Main Donau -Karpaten - Rhodopi
  7. 7. Hiking routes in Bulgaria Hiking trails exist in all the mountain ranges in Bulgaria: Rila, Pirin, Stara planina, Rodopes, Sredna Gora, Vitocha (vicinity of Sofia). In all almost 35000 km are marked. Most popular tours: ► Daily hiking tours starting from Sofia ► Hiking trek in Pirin and Rila mountains ► Hiking trek in Vitosha, Pirin and Rodopi Mountains ► The riddles of Rila Mountain ► In the steps of Orpheus ► Self-drive in Pirin and Rodopi mountains ► Snowshoeing trek in Vitosha and Rila mountains
  8. 8. Eco-paths in Bulgaria A dense network of eco-paths covers Bulgaria. New paths are constantly built in the country, thus giving access to more natural sights and interesting places. A place, which is popular among the nature admirers, is the Emenska (Negovanska) eco path, near Veliko Tarnovo. Its crossing takes about three hours. The route passes the so-called Emenski Canyon. The Dryanovo eco trail begins near the Dryanovo monastery. The transition lasts for about three or four hours. Along a system of bridges and ladders, hikers cross over the cliff and they can see the river gorge from there. The Rhodope Mountain also offers interesting and scenic routes. One of them is the Southern Rhodope eco path near the village of Yagodina. The path has a length of 18.5 kilometers and includes the areas situated between three rivers. The route will take you to several waterfalls in the area, as well as to the Devil’s Bridge - an interesting local attraction.
  9. 9. Hiking trails in Dobrich (Bulgaria) I. Cosmos camping - Vaklino village The route starts from Cosmos camping and walks on a trail along the beach. In some places the path is covered by water and had to be walked. Once you reach the southern end of the lake the trail is running along it. You may cut under the peninsula, using a direct road. Similarly you may cut the next C-shaped path along the water. The trail continues south around marshy arm of the lake and enters the village Vaklino. Time of route - 4 hours. II. Balchik - Dalboka
  10. 10. ➢‘This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. ➢This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.’