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Du pont hands its xxii dupont science award eng_final


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Press Release Premio DuPont English version

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Du pont hands its xxii dupont science award eng_final

  1. 1. PressRelease DuPont hands its XXII DuPont Science Award to Dr. Francisco TomásBarberánOviedo,SPAIN -- February 8, 2013.–This morning, and at the Board Conference Room of theHotel de la Reconquista in Oviedo, a press conference was held on the occasion of thisafternoon’s award giving ceremony of the XXII DuPont Science Award. The winner, Dr.Francisco TomásBarberán, was accompanied by the President of the Jury, Professor SantiagoGrisolia and DuPont country leader forIberica, Mr. Enrique Macián.Within the theme of this XXII edition -dedicated to the field of Health and Nutrition-Dr.TomásBarberán has been recognized for his scientific contributions in the field of quality foodproduction and its role in improving human health, that has become a benchmark, bothnationally and internationally, in the field of food polyphenols, their relationship to the quality andsafety of them, and their role in nutrition and health."The polyphenols present in food are responsible for many beneficial health effects associatedwith the consumption of fruits, vegetables and other food products made from them. Identifyingtheir metabolism and mechanism of action is an exciting endeavor that allows us to supportnutrition recommendations and design new food ingredients that help consumers enjoy all thebenefits that nature provides us through food, "said Dr. Thomas Barberán . He added that "It isa great honor to receive such a prestigious award, as well as a stimulus for our research groupand other scientists in the area of science & technology associated with food & nutrition.Professor Santiago Grisolia, President of DuPont Science award jury said "Im glad to see howour country research teams manage to complete the circle and move their research into aproduct that can be purchased by any of us. Behind all that, there’s research, teamwork,company vision and support of the CSIC (Spanish Scientific Organization). It is definitely anexample of the potential of science in Spain."Enrique Macián, country leader for DuPont inIberica mentioned that "Mr. Thomas Barberán’sresearch in the field of nutrition, show the enormous potential that there still remains to beexplored in this area, to which DuPont is not at all alien. Not surprisingly, the company spendsmore than 62% of our investment in product research and applications that contribute to greateravailability, accessibility and quality of nutritional intake."The DuPont Science Award was established in 1991 under the auspices of Professor SeveroOchoa in order to encourage initiatives which make an important contribution to theadvancement of science and its applications. For the last twenty-two years, DuPont has beengiving the award to Spanish and Portuguese scientists that have contributed with their work tothe advancement of science. Alongtheseyears, theaward has beengiventoscientists: JoséJoaquín Barluenga (1991), Andres Maldonado (1992), Manuel Elices (1993), Francisco JoséBalta (1994), Avelino Corma (1995), Pedro Miguel Etxenique (1996 ), Moses Moran (1997),Carlos Lopez-Otin (1998), Albert Grañena (1999), Juan Modolell (2000), Carlos Martinez(2001), Maria Carmo Fonseca (2002), Manuel Garcia Velarde (2003), Sergio Moreno (2004) 1
  2. 2. Jaume Veciana (2005) Angel Rubio (2006), Nazario Martín León (2007),Antonio Hernando Grande (2008), Rosa María Menéndez López (2009), Luis Liz Marzan (2010)and Manuel MartinezHernandez (2011).You can find information on the foundation, jurors and other details related to the DuPont PrizeXXII of Science: http://www.premiodupont.orgSince 1802, DuPont (NYSE: DD) is a world leader in science and engineering, bringing to themarket products, materials and innovative services. We believe that collaborating withcustomers, governments, NGOs and opinion leaders we can help find solutions to challengessuch as providing healthy food to a growing world population, reducing the current reliance onfossil fuels or the protection of people and the environment. For more information about DuPontand its commitment to inclusive innovation, please visit is present in the Iberian Peninsula since 1962 and counts with a manufacturing site inAsturias, a plant in Valencia and sales offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and Mem Martins(Portugal).Learn how DuPont faces major challenges for humanity by visiting: interviews or visual inquiries:Marisa LoredoCorporate Communications Leader for DuPont Spain & PortugalCell phone: 609 307 2