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Windows developer program for IoT


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An introduction about the "Windows Developer Program for IoT"

Published in: Technology
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Windows developer program for IoT

  1. 1. Windows Developer Program for IoT Mirco Vanini Microsoft® MVP Windows Embedded We're bringing Windows to a new class of small devices. What will you make?
  2. 2.  What is the Internet of Things?  Microsoft’s view  IoT Device Taxonomy  Windows Developer Program for IoT  Microsoft & Makers  AllJoin Agenda
  3. 3. What is the Internet of Things? The network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and interact with their internal states or the external environment. Source: Gartner The term was created by Kevin Ashton in 1999 to describe a technology for the unique identification of objects within a "network“.
  4. 4. What is the Internet of Things? IoT is not just about collecting data, it’s about how you can use these data to gain value “An Embedded Device connected to the Internet is NOT an Internet Of Things Device !!!” An “IoT Device” does not exists You have IoT when you have Things (Devices) and Internet A Solution that Integrates Devices and Internet-Based Services is an IoT Product
  5. 5. IoT is at an inflection point Components and devices are inexpensive Connectivity is pervasive Development is easy Economic benefits are enormous New scenarios fuel demand
  6. 6. Microsoft’s view The Internet of Things starts with your things. You have THINGS You have DATA Transactional data ERP data CRM data Document/ meta data Public data Social data Devices Analytics and business intelligence tools Cloud and network-enabled infrastructure Sensors
  7. 7. Microsoft Internet of Your Things Vehicle Tracking Device Cameras Power Meter Load Meter Smoke Fire Alarms Humidity Sensor Flow Meter Occupancy Sensor Temperature Sensor INTELLIGENT DEVICES Machine Controller Vehicle Tracking Smart Grid General Equipment Retail Kiosk Fire Detection Healthcare Smart Building Automation Digital Advertising Smart Home Automation Automotive Retail Industrial Healthcare Security & Surveillance Energy Smart Home Smart Cities Monitoring Data collection and alerts Asset tracking & Geo-fencing Preventive maintenance Usage based billing Remote Access Securely log into remote devices and products to diagnose issues Remote servicing - diagnose, and repair problems Content Distribution Automate software deployment to assets Distribute files to devices. Content includes asset-specific files, doc, ads Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service(s) Configuration Management Store and access asset configurations Compliance Management Telematics NETWORK M2M Gateway
  8. 8. IoT Device Taxonomy Mobile Standard Micro Small Class of Devices Platforms for IoT Devices Windows Embedded Industry Windows Embedded Handheld Windows Embedded Industry Windows Embedded Compact .NET Micro Framework • X86 PC-like architecture • Win32 applications • Examples: ATM, MRI, thin client • Mobile ARM and x86 devices • Touch-first applications • Examples: Industry handheld, mobile POS • Diverse set of low-cost SOCs • Purpose-built device application • Examples: Consumer electronics, automotive systems • Smart connected sensors and actuators • Usually headless, resource constrained ARM • Examples: Wearables, fixed-use devices, microcontrollers
  9. 9. Windows Developer Program for IoT This is the first in a series of Internet of Things (IoT) programs for the creation of connected devices. This program is tailor-made for both makers and Windows developers entering into the IoT space. Leverage the Windows platform and its diverse hardware ecosystem. Utilize familiar Win32 programming using best in-class development and debugging tools. The accessibility of Arduino combined with the connectivity of Windows. Quickly iterate and expand on hardware and software designs using existing shields and sketches Designed for developers Windows platform with Visual Studio Rapid hardware development
  10. 10. Microsoft & Makers: Intel Galileo Microcontroller Intel® Quark™ SoC X1000 with 16 KB CACHE and 512 KB SRAM, 400 MHz RAM 256 MB Connectors 20 GPIO, 6 PWM, 2 UART, I2C, SPI, Mini-PCI Express, RJ45 Ethernet, USB host and client Storage Micro SD slot (up to 32GB) Compatibility Compatible with most arduino shields You can download and install Windows* for Intel Galileo, both gen 1 and gen 2. Intel Galileo gen 2
  11. 11. demo Starting with Intel Galileo
  12. 12. demo .NETMF & Azure Mobile Service
  13. 13. AllJoin support announced on Windows10 Interoperability Universality Cross Platform support: • Linux • Android • iOS • OS X • Windows 7 • Windows 8.1 AllSeen alliance AllJoyn™ is a collaborative open-source software framework that makes it easy for devices and apps to discover and communicate with each other. It supports many language bindings and can be easily integrated into platforms small and large. The AllJoyn framework defines a common way for devices and apps to communicate with one another ushering a new wave of interoperable devices to make the Internet of Things a reality.
  14. 14. Q&A
  15. 15. Contact feedback 10 Blog Email Web Twitter @MircoVanini