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IoT - What is it ?


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An overview about Internet of Things

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IoT - What is it ?

  1. 1. La Community Italiana su .NET Micro Framework IoT - What is it? Mirco Vanini @MircoVanini Microsoft MVP Windows Embedded
  2. 2. Freelance Consultant (adam | factory) Microsoft MVP – Windows Embedded XeDotNet staff staff @MircoVanini Who am I ?
  3. 3. Smart Things, Sensors, the Net & more… IoT Overview What Roadmap Numbers Potential Market … Agenda
  4. 4. Many Objects that we use Every day Evolve Cheap and Powerful Processors allows Smart Usage of Software to Improve Capabilities Moore’s Law The number of transistors incorporated in a chip will approximately double every 24 months. Processing Power Low Power/Low Cost 32bits Chips are Replacing old 8bits Microcontrollers providing much more Processing Power and Connectivity Features Smart Things, Sensors, the Net & more…
  5. 5. Sensors Sensors can be used to Translate the Real World into Digital Information Computers can “feel” the Real World Sensors are getting Simpler to Integrate and Cheaper Smart Devices Smart Devices use Sensors to Translate the Environment in a Digital Format They can React to Events and Change the Environment Smart Things, Sensors, the Net & more…
  6. 6. Internet of Things (IoT) The term was created by Kevin Ashton in 1999 to describe a technology for the unique identification of objects within a "network“. IoT is seen as a possible evolution of the use of the Network. IoT is to ensure that the electronic world draw a map of the real world, giving an electronic identity to things and places in the physical environment. IoT : What?
  7. 7. Over time, the term takes on ever wider meanings, which gradually will "merge" with the applications of the technology: Wireless Sensor Networks Machine to Machine (M2M) Physical computing Connected Environments Physical Internet …more and more! IoT : What?
  8. 8. IoT : Roadmap RFID tags for facilitating routing, inventorying and loss prevention Surveillance, security, healthcare, transport, food safety, document management Locating people and everyday objects Teleoperation and telepresence: ability to monitor and control distant objects Livellotecnologico 2000 2010 2020 Supply-chain Helpers Vertical-Market Applications Ubiquitous Positioning Physical-World-Web
  9. 9. 1.5 bn PCs connected, < 1 bn phones, 50 bn by 2020 (Ericsson), seven devices for every human being! IoT : Numbers 16 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2015 Today more Devices than Human Beings are Connected to the Internet
  10. 10. Business Gateway, ATM, Copy machine, network projector, VoIP phone system, thin client, data collection & etc Consumer Gateway, smartphone, smart-watch, tablet, digital camera, set-top-box, gaming-console & etc Industrial Gateway, automation controller, robot, data collection device & etc IoT : Potential Market
  11. 11. Home building automation Gateway, automation controller, sensor device, security system, access control system, data collection & etc Energy & Utility Home energy gateway, smart meter, solar power, wind power, data collection & etc Automotive & transportation On-board computer, telematics, in-vehicle infotainment, GPS navigation, driver assist, data collection & etc IoT : Potential Market
  12. 12. Medical Diagnostic device, sensors, robot, data collection & etc. Retail Gateway, cash register, kiosk, credit card processing, scanner, data collection & etc Telecommunication Gateway, router, VoIP, phone system, conferencing system, data collection & etc IoT : Potential Market
  13. 13. IoT : Things
  14. 14. Nest Google Invested 4.2 Billions to Acquire Thermostat manufacturer Nest Nest Ships 40K Devices per Month IoT : “Real“ Market
  15. 15. Opportunities to develop new and improved products to serve existing markets Opportunities to improve existing business & manufacturing process Opportunities to develop new solution to resolve existing problems with improved Security & Efficiency Opportunities to create new apps and devices to serve the new evolving market IoT : Opportunities
  16. 16. Enabling devices built on different technology platforms to work together Enabling devices manufactured by different companies to work together The market expects “Things” to work together. Consider the following in today’s market: USB, Bluetooth, SD storage, Wi-Fi, Mouse, Keyboard and etc IoT : Interoperability
  17. 17. New Internet Of Things Team ! Microsoft Provides Technologies for Devices and for the Cloud Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service Microsoft and the IoT
  18. 18. Microsoft and the IoT: Device Taxonomy Large Mobile Micro Small POS terminal, ATM, MRI x86, PC-like, apps Embedded Industry 8.1, Standard Industry handheld, POS tablet ARM and x86, shell experience, apps Embedded Handheld 8.1 Gateways, wearables, panels, cars ARM and x86, diverse hardware, no shell Embedded Compact, Auto Controllers, fixed-use, sensors, actuators ARM, constrained hardware, headless .NET Micro Framework
  19. 19. Microsoft and the IoT: Cloud-connected Large Mobile Micro Small Azure M2M Device management Command & Control Data Analytics
  20. 20. Things on the Internet
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