C++ in Windows Phone Apps - Overview


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C++ in Windows Phone Apps - Overview

  1. 1. one day mobile 2014 C++ in Windows Phone Apps Mirco Vanini Microsoft® MVP Windows Embedded
  2. 2. one day mobile 2014  The new old platform  How & where C++ is supported  When and why to use C++  Introduction to the Windows (Phone) Runtime  Sharing C++ code (demo) Agenda
  3. 3. one day mobile 2014 The New Old Platform
  4. 4. one day mobile 2014  Can be used in any Windows Phone App  Visual Studio Express 2012/3 for Windows Phone  Same C++ compiler & CRT used in Windows 8  Subset of C++ 11 standard features How: Windows Phone C++ Support
  5. 5. one day mobile 2014 Sampling of C++ 11 Standard Features RValue references Forward declared enums Bidirectional fences static_assert Alignment Data-dependency ordering Auto Standard-layout and trivial types exception_ptr Trailing return types Extended friend declarations Thread-local storage Lambdas Local and unnamed types as template arguments __func__ Decltype Range-based for-loop C99 preprocessor Right angle brackets override and final long long extern templates Minimal GC support Strongly typed enums nullptr Atomics C++11 Features in Visual C++ 11 Announcing the Visual C++ Compiler November 2013
  6. 6. one day mobile 2014  All Windows Phone 8 apps can use native code…  XAML apps (8.1)  XAML apps mixed with D3D and WinRT  Pure native D3D apps/games  C++ libraries: Dynamic Link Libraries, Static Libs  WinRT C++ Components  ...not all apps need to use native code Where you can use C++
  7. 7. one day mobile 2014  Reusability: You have some legacy code around that you really don't want to rewrite but still use in your app  Portability: You want to use the code you're about to write on multiple platforms  Performance: You really are in need for these last bits of performance benefits and know what you're doing  Personal Preference: You are a developer who really favors C++ over e.g. C# or you have significantly better skills in C++ Why use C++
  8. 8. one day mobile 2014  Why learn about WinRT?  WinRT is used in the application model  C++ code called from XAML uses WinRT  Phone Platform APIs are built using WinRT Windows Phone Runtime Infrastructure: • Core plumbing • Commontypesystem • Standard programming model APIs: • Windows Phone Platform APIs • Libraries you write and license • Projected to C++ and C# / VB
  9. 9. one day mobile 2014 A Closer Look at What's Available Direct3D with XAML" C++ application actually creates a C# main project and a separate Windows Runtime Component in C++.
  10. 10. one day mobile 2014 Sharing C++ code
  11. 11. one day mobile 2014 Welcome back to C++! Recap
  12. 12. one day mobile 2014 Q&A
  13. 13. one day mobile 2014 Contact feedback 10 Blog http://mircovanini.blogspot.com Email info@proxsoft.it Web www.proxsoft.it Twitter@MircoVanini