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Building relationships with your clients


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A presentation about how to reconsider your loyal customers and start reshaping your business around them.

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Building relationships with your clients

  1. 1. BUILDING  RELATIONSHIPS  WITH  YOUR  CLIENTS   A  shi7  from  consumers  to  people  
  2. 2. 1971 MEDIA  FRAGMENTATION     IS  INCREASING   An average person In  1971,  the  average  person     encountered encountered  approximately   approximately 500 500 ad  messages  a  day.   ad messages a day   Media  fragmentaHon  is  increasing    
  3. 3. Today,   TODAY that  number     is  almost   5000 5000 that number is MAKING  IT  HARDER  TO     ENGAGE  CONSUMERS   Contact  becomes  more  complex  
  4. 4. People  are  not  listening  anymore!  
  5. 5. New  technologies,   fragmented  media  &     a  new  generaHon  of     EMPOWERED  CONSUMERS     are  rapidly  changing  adverHsing  
  6. 6. “Talking”  to  “consumers”  has  evolved  from…  
  7. 7. …to  a  real,  direct    conversaHon  
  8. 8. So,  idenHfy  your  brand  lovers  
  9. 9. Focus  on  your  loyals  instead  of  on   acquiring  new  customers  
  10. 10. Listen  to  what   they  say  
  11. 11. Understand  their  feedback  
  12. 12. Personalize  your  offers  and  make  them  relevant  
  13. 13. Don’t  aZempt  to  buy   their  loyalty  
  14. 14. Instead,  let  them   earn  their  rewards  
  15. 15. Build  it  every  day  
  16. 16. Build it every day LasHng  relaHonship  with  your  customers  are   your  yet  undiscovered  gold  mine  
  17. 17. Lasting relationships are your gold mine!