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How to contribute to OpenStack Documentation


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In this presentation from the 2013 OpenStack Documentation boot camp, you'll go from zero to merging your first patch.

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How to contribute to OpenStack Documentation

  1. 1. How to Contribute to OpenStack Documentation Mirantis, 2013
  2. 2. • The philosophy of documentation • The documentation infrastructure • Setting up the required accounts • Installing the required software • Making a contribution Contributing to OpenStack Documentation
  3. 3. • Documentation shouldn't be an afterthought • Documentation treated like code • Automate documentation wherever possible Documentation philosophy
  4. 4. Documentation infrastructure
  5. 5. Getting ready to contribute to documentation • Becoming a member of the docs team • Configuring Launchpad • Configuring Gerrit • Working with Github • Submitting a bug • Fixing a bug
  6. 6. Becoming a team member • Go to • Join the OpenStack Foundation
  7. 7. Becoming a team member • Read the membership terms • Add your personal information • Specify affiliation
  8. 8. Configuring Launchpad: Create an account • Go to • Set up a new account • Verify your email address
  9. 9. Configuring Launchpad: Access OpenStack on Launchpad • Access OpenStack on Launchpad at • Log in to Launchpad (again)
  10. 10. Configuring Launchpad: Create an SSH key • Create an SSH key ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "” • Specify the file location • Specify a passphrase
  11. 11. Configuring Launchpad: Add the SSH key to Launchpad • Click your username • Choose to add an SSH Key
  12. 12. Configuring Launchpad: Add the SSH key to Launchpad (cont’d) • Log in again (if necessary) • Copy the public key to the clipboard • Paste into Launchpad
  13. 13. Setting up GitHub • Go to • Create an account • Add your SSH Key
  14. 14. Setting up Gerrit • Go to • Sign in • Click New Contributor Agreement • Select ICLA • Fill out the form and type “I AGREE”
  15. 15. Joining the Docs Team • Go to • Log in if necessary • Click Join Team • Click Join
  16. 16. Setting up your workspace: git • Install git sudo apt-get install git sudo yum install git • Configure git $ git config --global "First Last" $ git config --global
  17. 17. Setting up your workspace: git-review • Install Python's setuptools sudo apt-get install python-setuptools • Install pip sudo easy-install pip • Install git-review sudo pip install git-review • Add Gerrit git remote add gerrit ssh://<username> /openstack/openstack-manuals.git
  18. 18. Setting up your workspace: configure ssh • Generate a new key ssh-keygen -t rsa -C “” • Log in to and click Settings • Click SSH Public Keys • Copy and paste to the form • Click Add • Test your key ssh <username> -p 29418
  19. 19. Setting up your workspace: the docs • Create a local directory mkdir ~/openstack/documentation cd ~/openstack/documentation • Clone the repository git clone git:// openstack-manuals.git • Navigate to the openstack-manuals directory cd openstack-manuals • Confirm git-review is working git review -s
  20. 20. Setting up your workspace: tools • Install Maven sudo apt-get install maven • Pick an editor, (almost) any editor
  21. 21. Fixing a docs bug • All changes to docs must be tied to a bug • Docs bugs are listed at /+bugs?orderby=-id&start=0
  22. 22. Making a documentation change • Update your local copy git remote update git checkout master git pull origin master • Create a topic branch for the bug git checkout -b bug/1189885 • Make changes locally
  23. 23. Testing your changes • Build the book cd openstack-manuals/doc/<manual> mvn clean generate-sources • View the changes in /target/docbkx/webhelp/<guide-name> • Compare to the old version,e specially if you're not vamiliar with the book
  24. 24. Committing changes • One change per commit • Stage the commit: git commit -a • Write the commit message: Addition of chainsaw juggling documentation Added new section on the proper juggling of chainsaws within Nova. Closes-Bug: #1009973 Implements: blueprint chainsaw-juggling Change-Id: I4946a16d27f712ae2adf8441ce79e6c0bb0bb657
  25. 25. Committing changes (cont’d) • More information on commit messages:
  26. 26. Submitting the change for review • Submit the change git review • The change shows up on • Core team is notified
  27. 27. Documentation workflow • File/claim a bug • Check the documentation project our of git • Make changes locally • Build the documentation locally • Test the documentation • Submit for review • Merge changes