Mirantis OpenStack 4.0 Overview


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Mirantis OpenStack 4.0 includes OpenStack Havana, hardened packages, the Savana, Murano, and Ceilometer projects, and most of all, the ease of deploying with Fuel.

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Mirantis OpenStack 4.0 Overview

  1. 1. Mirantis OpenStack Overview Mirantis, 2014
  2. 2. In this overview ➔ Company overview ◆ Mirantis today ◆ Our mission ◆ Our customers ➔ Product overview ◆ Mirantis OpenStack—easy, flexible, reliable ◆ Mirantis world-class support ➔ Other Mirantis offerings
  3. 3. Mirantis today ➔ #1 pure-play OpenStack company ➔ Delivers all the technology, integration, training and support required for companies to succeed with production-grade open source cloud ➔ 400+ open source infrastructure experts helped make it one of top 5 contributors to OpenStack’s upstream codebase
  4. 4. Our mission Build scalable, automated OpenStack platforms for mission-critical production.
  5. 5. Our customers Mirantis has worked with Cisco to help accelerate technical uptake of OpenStack, to integrate infrastructure with key Cisco service offerings, and to deliver implementations of compute and network interoperability code contributed to the OpenStack Project as part of the recent releases. Mirantis has partnered with Dell through numerous OpenStack engagements, both with Dell and its customers, as well as collaborating with technical staff in Dell’s cloud product initiatives. Nexenta and Mirantis have collaborated to integrate the NexentaStor appliance with the OpenStack compute fabric through the OpenStack Nova (Compute) Volume Service. Read more
  6. 6. Mirantis OpenStack—easy, flexible, reliable
  7. 7. Mirantis OpenStack—ease of deployment ➔ Multi-cloud management ➔ Multiple distribution support ➔ Unattended discovery of available nodes
  8. 8. Mirantis OpenStack—ease of deployment ➔ Pre-deployment verification of network readiness
  9. 9. Mirantis OpenStack—ease of deployment ➔ Automated provisioning of your chosen OpenStack components ➔ Centralized log management
  10. 10. Mirantis OpenStack—ease of operation ➔ Health Check is a battery of post-deployment tests ◆ Ensures the deployed environment is working as expected ◆ Can be run throughout the life of your cloud ◆ Extensible by customers partners and community
  11. 11. Mirantis OpenStack—ease of operation ➔ Real-Time monitoring dashboard for operations ◆ OpenStack specific templates ◆ Installed by services
  12. 12. Mirantis OpenStack—ease of automation ➔ RESTful API for common operations ◆ Add/Remove nodes from an existing cloud ◆ Create a new cloud ◆ Activate/collect from operational functions
  13. 13. Mirantis OpenStack hardened packages— flexibility and reliability ➔ Starts with OpenStack core projects ◆ Takes advantage of community powered high speed innovation ◆ Maintains openness and flexibility for adding tailored customer needs ➔ Mirantis folds in additional value ◆ High availability ◆ Defect fixes ◆ Premium Projects ◆ Certified partner drivers/integrations ➔ Public OpenStack improvements/fixes are committed back upstream
  14. 14. The OpenStack train keeps a rollin’ ➔ Mirantis performs predictable CI/CD ◆ In sync with bug/security updates and major releases ◆ Cadence for release every 6 to 8 weeks ➔ Benefit: Customers stay close to trunk without requiring heavy development resources
  15. 15. Mirantis world-class support—ease of mind ➔ Report and track issues by phone or via the web support portal ➔ Assistance with all facets of Mirantis OpenStack ◆ Deployment ◆ Operations ➔ Issue resolution, including defect fixes ➔ SLA options including 24×7 or 8×5 business hours ◆ Includes response time SLAs based on severity
  16. 16. Other offerings from Mirantis
  17. 17. #1 in OpenStack Services Capability Customer benefit ➔ Design/Build/Integrate ➔ Turn-key Solution ➔ Elastic Services (PaaS) on IaaS ➔ Developer productivity and innovation + service reliability ➔ Deployment, tailoring and hardening of early and related OpenStack projects ➔ Faster yet reliable adoption of innovation ➔ Development and support OpenStack extensions and drivers ➔ Tailoring to customer’s existing environment
  18. 18. #1 in OpenStack Training ➔ 1000+ people trained, with 100+ courses delivered to date, across 10+ locations ➔ 90% of students recommend the course ➔ Pure, community focused training with no product portfolio agenda ➔ Public and private courses, with more public sessions on the calendar than anyone “I attended Mirantis’ OpenStack training program seeking a better understanding of the OpenStack software architecture and operations practices. The program far surpassed my expectations and I consider it an excellent introduction to OpenStack. It's a quick jumpstart to the entire product.” Bernard Golden VP, enStratius (now Dell)
  19. 19. What’s next? See the latest release View the demo and tutorial and read the Quick Start Guide to get up to speed quickly on the Mirantis OpenStack platform. Get trained on OpenStack Mirantis is the leading provider of OpenStack education and has trained thousands of students with our rigorous, proven curriculum, featuring the newest OpenStack Havana updates. Check out our offerings. Get support Having cloud issues? OpenStack is new and complex, and there’s no substitute for experience. Get 24/7 support so you can your OpenStack cloud with confidence. Click here or call us at 650-963-9828.