What's New In Grizzly: Nova


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OpenStack Grizzly, released earlier this year, provides a series of new features, such as nova-conductor and host aggregates. This presentation covers the improvements in Grizzly's nova components.

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What's New In Grizzly: Nova

  1. 1. Whats new inOpenStack®GrizzlyMirantis, 2013®
  2. 2. About Mirantis:● Fuel Deployment Automation● Integration Services● Training● 24 x 7 Support● Over 40 successfulproduction OpenStackimplementationsMirantis delivers OpenStack® clouds.®
  3. 3. IntroductionsNick Chase,Technical Marketing, MirantisKirill Ishanov,OpenStack Services, Mirantis● Technical Marketing Manager at Mirantis● Developer● Book author● IBM developerWorks Certified Master Author● Member of the OpenStack Documentation project● Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Tampa Bay Buccaneers● Senior Director of Engineering at Mirantis● Kirill runs a highly skilled group of engineers● OpenStack integration, deployment, training and support● Large-enterprises to late-stage venture-backed startups.● Cisco Webex, Dell, The Gap, PayPal, eBay, Seagate, Macy’s®4
  5. 5. Bare-metal provisioning● Control physical servers via nova-api● Bypass hypervisors● Ability to run HPC or DBs on the cloud● Design○ PXE to deliver machine imaging○ IPMI for power control● Limitations○ Several incompatibilities with Quantum®8
  6. 6. Scalability● Availability zones● Host aggregates● Cells®9
  7. 7. Scalability: Availability zonesAvailability zones● Set a zone for a host● Request a zone when starting a VM● Get a list of available zones®10
  8. 8. Scalability: Host aggregatesHost aggregates● Create an aggregate based on a parameter● Associate an aggregate with a set of machines● Create a flavor associated with the parameter● Request a host using that flavor®11
  9. 9. nova-compute cells● Nested clouds● Geo-distribution● Separation of cell-scheduling from host-scheduling● Design○ Separate DB per cell○ Inter-cell communication via RPC○ Tree-structure, with "nova-api" only in root®12
  10. 10. nova-compute cellsAPI Cellnova-apinova-cellsdbamqpChild Cellnova-schedulerdbamqpnova-schedulernova-computeChild Cellnova-schedulerdbamqpnova-schedulernova-computeGlobal ServicesglanceKeystone13
  11. 11. nova-conductor● Remove direct connection between nova-compute (and therefore VMs) and db● Security and scalability● Design○ nova-conductor is a separate service reachable via MQ○ Multiple conductors to spread the load®14
  12. 12. Database performanceArchiving a database● Moving a machine● Log archiving● Garbage recordsnova-manage db archive_deleted_rows--max_rows MAX_ROWS®15
  13. 13. Evacuation● Moving to a new host on host failurenova evacuate SERVER_ID TARGET_HOST®16
  14. 14. Other nova improvements● Instance action tracking via API● Network adapter hot plugin● File injection without mounting guestfilesystem®17
  15. 15. Q&ADownload todays presentation athttp://bit.ly/mirantis-grizzly®50