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Mary magdalene


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Mary Magdalene in the Bible, a presentation used for a KS2 Primary School Assembly on Mary Magdalene.
The presentation includes a prayer at the end, and could be followed by a suitable hymn (we used 'O Jesus I have promised').

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Mary magdalene

  1. 1. Mary Magdalene in the Bible
  2. 2. HealedJesus went through cities and villages, proclaiming andbringing the good news of the kingdom of God. Thetwelve disciples were with him, as well as some womenwho had been cured: Mary, called Magdalene, fromwhom seven demons had gone out, and Joanna,Susanna and many others, who provided for them.(Luke 8:1-3)
  3. 3. Mistaken Identity?
  4. 4. Faithful discipleMany women were therewhen Jesus died, lookingon from a distance. Theyhad followed Jesus fromGalilee, and had providedfor him. Among themwere Mary Magdalene,and Mary the mother ofJames and Joseph, andthe mother of the sons ofZebedee.(Matthew 27:55-6)
  5. 5. When the Sabbath wasover, Mary Magdalene,and Mary the mother ofJames, and Salomebought spices, so thatthey might go and anointhim. And very early onthe first day of the week,as soon as the sun hadrisen, they went to thetomb.(Mark 16:1-2)
  6. 6. At the empty tombAnd suddenly there was a great earthquake; for an angel of the Lordcame and rolled back the stone and sat on it. The angel said to thewomen ‘Do not be afraid; I know that you are looking for Jesus, whohas been crucified. He is not here, for he has been raised’.(Matthew 28:2,5-6)
  7. 7. First eye witnessMary stood weeping outside the tomb. Then she turnedround and saw Jesus standing there, but she did notknow that it was Jesus. Supposing him to be thegardener, she said, ‘Sir, if you have carried him away,tell me where you have laid him. Jesus said to her,‘Mary!’ She turned and answered ‘Teacher!’.(John 20: 11, 14-16)
  8. 8. Apostle to the apostlesJesus said to Mary, ‘Donot hold on to me,because I have not yetascended to the Father.But go to my brothers andsay to them, “I amascending to my Fatherand your Father, to myGod and your God”. MaryMagdalene went andannounced to thedisciples, ‘I have seen theLord’, and she told themwhat he had said to her.(John 20:17-18)
  9. 9. Mary Magdalene• Healed• Faithful disciple• At the cross• At the empty tomb• The first person Jesus appeared to• The first person to tell people about theresurrection: apostle to the apostles…• …and the Patron Saint of our Church
  10. 10. A PrayerFaithful friend of JesusApostle to the apostlesMisunderstood and wrongly accused.Guide us, O God, as with Mary Magdalenewe tread new paths in our love for Christ.May we be ambassadors of the good newsto your ChurchAnd let your people rejoicein the leadership of women.Nikki Arthy, for Women and the Church