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Writing prompt, p. 41


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Writing prompt, p. 41

  1. 1. MULANWRITING PROMPT Assignment: Write a thesisstatementexplaining whetherMulan’sfaultshelp herto becomea hero orhinderher.Then,writetwoto foursentencesthatsupportyourthesisstatementwith evidence fromthe film. REMEMBER: HIGHLIGHTand labelboththe opinion and the statement inyourthesis Is focused and specific enough to be "proven" within the boundaries of your paper. Thesisstatementshave twoparts: o an opinion on the subject-yellow o the statementthatguidesthe readerthrough the text-green Examples: Mulan’s faults help her to become a hero because __________________________________. Mulan’s faults hinder her from becoming a hero because ____________________________. Page 41