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Middle schoolvocabularyworda day

  1. 1. Word-A-DayWord-A-Day Middle School Vocabulary
  2. 2. AcronymAcronym a word formed from the initial letters or groups of letters of words in a set phrase or series of words Example: Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps JROTC
  3. 3. AjarAjar Open slightly
  4. 4. AllegoryAllegory Fable, parable, emblem
  5. 5. AlleviateAlleviate to make easier to endure; lessen
  6. 6. AllusionAllusion a passing or casual reference; metaphor
  7. 7. AmiableAmiable Likable; friendly
  8. 8. AmbienceAmbience the mood, character, quality, tone, atmosphere, etc., particularly of an environment
  9. 9. AmbiguityAmbiguity Unclear; doubtfulness or uncertainty of meaning or intention
  10. 10. AmbivalentAmbivalent Having mixed feelings about someone or something
  11. 11. AnalogyAnalogy Similarity or comparabilit y
  12. 12. AntithesisAntithesis The direct opposite; contrast
  13. 13. ArchiveArchive Public record or historical documen t
  14. 14. ArtifactArtifact any object made by human beings, especially with a view to subsequent use.
  15. 15. ArticulationArticulation The adjustments and movements of speech organs involved in pronouncing a particular
  16. 16. AscribeAscribe To credit or assign, as to a cause or source; attribute; impute
  17. 17. AssimilateAssimilate To take in and incorporate as one's own; absorb
  18. 18. AvengerAvenger Someone who gets even for a wrong or injury
  19. 19. BarrierBarrier Anything built or serving to bar passage, as a railing, fence, or the like
  20. 20. BiasBias to cause favoritism in a person; influence, especially unfairly
  21. 21. BoycottBoycott To abstain from buying or using
  22. 22. CaptiousCaptious Faultfinding ; difficult to please
  23. 23. CitationCitation a reference to a published or unpublishe d source
  24. 24. ClamorousClamorous Full of demands or complaints
  25. 25. ClausesClauses Group of words that contain a subject and predicate and form part of a
  26. 26. CollateCollate To gather or arrange in their proper sequence (the pages of a report, the sheets of a book, the pages of several sets of copies, etc.).
  27. 27. CollateralCollateral Security pledged for the payment of a loan.
  28. 28. ConciseConcise Expressing or covering much in few words; short and to the point; brief
  29. 29. ConcourseConcourse An assemblage; gathering; a driveway or promenade, especially in a park.
  30. 30. ConsecutiveConsecutive Marked by logical sequence; following one another in uninterrupted succession or order; successive.
  31. 31. ConspiringConspiring Planning in secret to do something bad
  32. 32. CordialCordial Courteous and gracious; friendly; warm
  33. 33. CredibilityCredibility The quality of being believabl e or worthy of trust
  34. 34. CredulousCredulous Willing to believe or trust too readily, especially without proper or adequate evidence; gullible.
  35. 35. CriteriaCriteria A standard of judgment; a rule or principle for evaluating or testing something.
  36. 36. CriticismCriticism The act of passing judgment; censure; faultfindin g
  37. 37. DebateDebate A discussion involving opposing viewpoints.
  38. 38. DebrisDebris The remains of anything broken down or destroyed; ruins; rubble.
  39. 39. DelusionDelusion A false belief or opinion.
  40. 40. DemographyDemography Study of human populatio ns
  41. 41. DenounceDenounce To formally accuse; to condemn or censure openly or publicly
  42. 42. DensityDensity The state or quality of being dense; compact; crowded
  43. 43. DesolateDesolate Barren or laid waste; devastated ; deserted; lonely
  44. 44. DetainDetain To keep from proceeding; keep waiting; delay; to keep under restraint or in custody.
  45. 45. DictionDiction Accent, inflection, and speech- sound quality made by an individual speaker, usually judged in terms of standards of
  46. 46. DidacticDidactic Intended for instruction
  47. 47. DivulgeDivulge To disclose or reveal
  48. 48. DocileDocile Easily managed or handled; readily trained or taught; teachable.
  49. 49. EclipseEclipse When the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon and light is obscured.
  50. 50. EllipsisEllipsis The omission of one or more items from a construction in order to avoid repeating the identical or equivalent items that are in a preceding or following construction, as the omission of been to Paris  from the second clause of I've been to Paris, but they haven't.
  51. 51. EmpathyEmpathy The identification with or experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another.
  52. 52. EmphasisEmphasis Significance or importance attached to something
  53. 53. EpicEpic Heroic, majestic, impressively great
  54. 54. EpitaphEpitaph A saying on a tomb or monument about the person buried at that site.
  55. 55. EthicsEthics A system of moral principles.
  56. 56. EthnicEthnic Relating to a race
  57. 57. EtymologyEtymology The study of how words change; word origin, word source
  58. 58. EuphemismEuphemism Substituting nicer words for ones thought to be offensive, harsh, or blunt.
  59. 59. ExertionExertion Physical work
  60. 60. ExcerptExcerpt Apassage or quotation taken or selected from a book, document, or film
  61. 61. ExpediteExpedite To speed up the progress of; hasten; to accomplish promptly
  62. 62. ExpungeExpunge Delete; erase
  63. 63. FableFable A short tale to teach a moral lesson, often with animals or inanimate objects as characters;
  64. 64. FacileFacile Easily done; moving, acting, working, or proceeding with ease
  65. 65. FantasyFantasy A genre of fiction that commonly uses magic and other supernatural phenomena as a primary element of plot, theme, or setting.
  66. 66. FateFate Fortune; destiny; what has been pre- ordained
  67. 67. FacilitatorFacilitator A person responsible for leading or coordinating the work of a group, as one who leads a group discussion
  68. 68. Feature StoryFeature Story A newspaper or magazine article or report of a person, event, an aspect of a major event, or the like, often having a personal slant and written in an individual style.
  69. 69. FeedbackFeedback A reaction or response to a particular process or activity
  70. 70. Figurative languageFigurative language Language that contains or uses figures of speech,   especially metaphors.
  71. 71. FlashbackFlashback An event or scene taking place before the present time in the narrative
  72. 72. ForayForay A sudden attack or raid
  73. 73. ForeshadowingForeshadowing To show or indicate beforehan d; prefigure
  74. 74. FormatFormat The general physical appearance of a book, magazine, or newspaper, such as the typeface, binding, quality of paper,
  75. 75. FormulateFormulate To put together; create; state definitely or systematically; to devise or develop, as a method or system
  76. 76. FractiousFractious Unruly; readily angered; peevish; irritable; quarrelsome
  77. 77. GratuityGratuity A gift of money for service rendered; tip
  78. 78. GregariousGregarious • Social; friendly
  79. 79. HeritageHeritage That which is inherited or received from parents.
  80. 80. HierarchyHierarchy Graded or ranked series
  81. 81. HindranceHindrance The act of impeding progress; obstructio n
  82. 82. HydraulicHydraulic Operated by means of water
  83. 83. HyperboleHyperbole Exaggeratio n
  84. 84. IdiomIdiom An expression that is not true to its literal meaning. Example: Don’t let the cat out of the bag!
  85. 85. IlliterateIlliterate Unable to read and write
  86. 86. ImpromptuImpromptu unschedule d; unplanned
  87. 87. IndignantIndignant Angry; caused by feeling of unfairness or madness
  88. 88. InsignificantInsignificant Small; unimportan t
  89. 89. IronyIrony an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected.
  90. 90. JargonJargon Technical phrase or slang
  91. 91. LitigateLitigate Carry on a legal contest by judicial process
  92. 92. MagnitudeMagnitude Greatness; importanc e
  93. 93. MaliceMalice ILL will; spite; desire to injure others
  94. 94. MediaMedia Television or radio broadcasts; newspaper s; magazines
  95. 95. MedievalMedieval Pertaining to the Middle Ages (the period of European history from the fall of the Roman Empire to the fall of Constantinople A.D.476 to 1453)
  96. 96. MonologueMonologue Dramatic entertainme nt by a solo performer
  97. 97. MotifMotif The dominant theme in a literary or musical compositio
  98. 98. MythologyMythology A fable; the legends of gods with supernatur al powers.
  99. 99. NapeNape Back of your neck
  100. 100. NarratorNarrator One who tells a story in detail
  101. 101. NavigateNavigate To steer or manage a ship or aircraft.
  102. 102. NeophyteNeophyte Novice, beginner
  103. 103. NegotiateNegotiate To settle by bargainin g; To reach terms of agreeme
  104. 104. NeuronNeuron A nerve cell and all its processes; the basic unit in the structure of living matter
  105. 105. NeutronNeutron One of the minute particles composing the nucleus of an atom.
  106. 106. NovellaNovella Short novel
  107. 107. ObliterateObliterate Destroy; the act of blotting out
  108. 108. OdeOde Lyric poem of exalted tone.
  109. 109. OnomatopoeiaOnomatopoeia Words that represent sounds (Ex. Crash, boom)
  110. 110. OxymoronOxymoron A figure of speech in which two words or phrase of opposite meaning are set together for emphasis or effect. (Ex. Jumbo shrimp)
  111. 111. PanaceaPanacea Cure-all; a universal remedy
  112. 112. ParableParable Story or allegory with a moral.
  113. 113. ParadoxParadox A statement seemingly absurd or self- contradictory but really founded on truth.
  114. 114. ParallelParallel Two lines equal distance apart; similar
  115. 115. ParallelismParallelism State of being parallel; comparison ; resemblanc
  116. 116. ParodyParody An imitation of a poem or song where the style is the same but the theme is ludicrously different.
  117. 117. PatentPatent An official document granting a right or privilege, or securing exclusive right to invention
  118. 118. PerpendicularPerpendicular At right angles to the plain of horizon
  119. 119. PertinentPertinent Related to the subject or matter at hand
  120. 120. PonderPonder to consider something deeply and thoroughl y;
  121. 121. PrecariousPrecarious Dangerous; risky
  122. 122. PrevalentPrevalent Most generally; extensivel y existing
  123. 123. PrognosisPrognosis Forecast
  124. 124. ProlificProlific Fruitful; abundantly productive; bringing about results
  125. 125. PunPun A play on words similar in sound but different in meaning
  126. 126. PunctuatePunctuate To separate into sentences or clauses by commas, periods, etc.; to emphasize in some significant manner
  127. 127. PungentPungent Sharply affecting the taste or smell; stinging, sarcastic, caustic
  128. 128. PurgePurge To clear
  129. 129. QuaveringQuavering Shaking ; trembling
  130. 130. RadiusRadius Straight line from center of circle to circumferen ce; the spoke of a
  131. 131. RealismRealism Interest in things as they are; practical outlook on life
  132. 132. RebuttalRebuttal Refutal of an argument; to disprove
  133. 133. ReciprocalReciprocal Alternating; Moving backwards and forwards; mutual, complimenta ry
  134. 134. ReferendumReferendum A popular vote for ascertainin g the public will on a single issue
  135. 135. ReformReform To restore; reclaim; amend
  136. 136. RefrainRefrain Chorus recurring at the end of each verse of song
  137. 137. RefugeeRefugee A person who flees home or country to seek shelter from war or
  138. 138. RegimeRegime A system or rule of governmen t
  139. 139. RejuvenatedRejuvenated Made to feel refreshed or life-like
  140. 140. ReliabilityReliability Trustworthy, honest, creditable .
  141. 141. RepublicRepublic A state, without a hereditary head in which supremacy of the people or its elected representatives is formally acknowledged; commonwealth
  142. 142. RevenueRevenue Income derived from any source; proceeds; receipts; profits
  143. 143. RhetoricRhetoric Art of persuasive or effective speech or writing
  144. 144. RidiculeRidicule To mock; to make fun of
  145. 145. SacredSacred Holy; divine; morally perfect
  146. 146. SalienceSalience Moving by leaps
  147. 147. SanguineSanguine Hopeful; confident; cheerful; deep red
  148. 148. SarcasmSarcasm Taunt; scoff; sneer; irony
  149. 149. SatireSatire Literary compositio n holding up to ridicule vice or folly of the times
  150. 150. ScriptScript Text of a play or film; text of spoken part in a broadcast
  151. 151. SemesterSemester Six month academi c term
  152. 152. SimultaneousSimultaneous Existing or occurring at the same time
  153. 153. SoliloquySoliloquy Talking to oneself; monologue by actor alone on the stage
  154. 154. SpeculateSpeculate To make theories or guesses
  155. 155. StanchedStanched Stopped or slowed down
  156. 156. StereotypeStereotype To make always the same
  157. 157. Story boardStory board Visual map of a film, video, play, or literary work.
  158. 158. StyleStyle Engraving tool; mode of expression (Ex. Author’s style)
  159. 159. SuppositionSupposition The act of assuming something is true without proof
  160. 160. SuppressSuppress To put down or subdue; to stop
  161. 161. SuspenseSuspense State of uncertainty or anticipatio n; mystery
  162. 162. SymbolismSymbolism To represent emotions using symbols, and to invest ordinary objects with imaginative meanings
  163. 163. SyntaxSyntax Rules of governing sentence constructio n
  164. 164. SynthesisSynthesis Combinatio n or putting together; combining of parts into whole
  165. 165. SyntheticSynthetic Artificial
  166. 166. TactileTactile Pertaining to touch
  167. 167. TemporalTemporal Pertains to time or to this life; transient; secular
  168. 168. TenuousTenuous Slender; unsubstantia l
  169. 169. TestimonialTestimonial A written declaration about a person’s character or qualities
  170. 170. TortuousTortuous Full of twists; crooked; deceitful
  171. 171. ToxicToxic Relating to poison
  172. 172. TragedyTragedy Serious and dignified dramatic story or play with an unhappy ending
  173. 173. TurbulentTurbulent Disturbed; in violent commotio n
  174. 174. UnderstatementUnderstatement To state less strongly than truth warrants
  175. 175. ValidityValidity To have soundness; capable of being justified
  176. 176. VeracityVeracity Quality of being truthful
  177. 177. VerbatimVerbatim Word for word
  178. 178. VerboseVerbose Tedious because of excessive words
  179. 179. VivaciousVivacious Lively; animated; having great vitality
  180. 180. VoluminousVoluminous Great volume, ample size, extent, or fullness
  181. 181. WritheWrithe to twist the body about, or squirm, as in pain, violent