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Howtousei movieontheipadhandout


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Howtousei movieontheipadhandout

  1. 1. iPad: How to Use iMovie? Step 1: Open the iMovie app. -Allow Current Location -Tap the + to start new project Step 2: Tap the Settings Button -Choose a Project setting -What your text background will look like. Step 3: Name your project -Click the “my projects” tab or the star -On the homepage, click “My project” under the iMovie logo -Name your project (final topic and your name) For example- Student Drug Testing _Your Name How do you get the images stored on Skitch? -Click the share icon -Send the picture to Camera Roll How you can add movies, pictures, and music already stored on the ipad? -find saved photos/video in camera roll add them to your project How you can add audio and video in iMovie? 1. Tap on to record video. -Choose the correct camera and WATCH your finger placement 2. tap on to record an audio clip How to add text to any image? -Double tap on any image or clip to add text -You have three choices (opening, middle, endings) -Not a whole lot of difference just placement of text. -Then you can click on the picture to type text
  2. 2. How to reorder or split clips? To change the order of clips, tap and hold on one. This removes it from the timeline. With a finger still touching the screen, you can move that clip to another position. If you release it while it's out of the timeline, it's removed from the project. You can also perform more complex edits like inserting a new clip in the middle of an existing one: move the playhead over the clip then select it. Now, swipe down over the playhead to cut your clip in two. You can now insert a new clip in between those two parts. Add Songs: Option 1: Hit the music icon and add music to your project from the theme music Option 2: Log into your iTunes account and add the song to the iMovie. Be sure to log out. Option 3: Play music from your phone or touch and hit icon to record the song How to add Videos from home? -Convert videos and songs- Videos NEED to be MP4 and songs MP3 format 1. Record your video on any device- make sure videos are MP4 and songs MP3 2. Upload the video on or on the Dropbox app. 3. Click the upload button 4. On the iPad- In Dropbox, highlight the “star”  5. Once it loads, the download arrow will become white. Then click the arrow and add file to your camera roll. Video can then be added directly into iMovie How do I publish the iMovie when completely finished? -Select Medium, let the ipad load -then click “photos” find your video and select it -click the Share icon -click “share movie to” then “Camera Roll” -Give ipad to your teacher when finished with project.