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Function example negation plan and model


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Function example negation plan and model

  1. 1. Function Example Negation Topic Sentence Function - Selfless - A hero puts others ahead of him or her self. Function - What it does. Example - Moco's owner forgot his dreams for a dog and accepted Moco's love. Example - Example of function Negation-What it isn't. Must help the audience understand what it is. Negation - A hero is not selfish. Closing sentence Among the many qualities a hero may have, one of the most important is being selfless. Being selfless means that one puts the needs of others ahead of your own. One such hero who acts selflessly is Moco's owner in "Moco Limping". Moco's owner, by the end of the poem, has forgotten his own dreams and desires for the ideal dog and accepts Moco just as he is (Monreal). However, a hero is not selfish; always thinking and acting for the betterment of themselves only. Heroes can be found anywhere someone puts others before themselves.