For graduating students


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For graduating students

  1. 1. Instructions for the Heritage Tour and Documentation
  2. 2.  Assembly is at the back of the USC Main Campus Gymnasium, Sanciangko Gate from 6:30 AM – 7:00 AM SHARP. Make sure that you have settled any calls of nature whatsoever before departure. If you have to buy food at Jollibee, make sure you’re done buying by 6:45. Late comers will be REALLY left behind. They may proceed to the South Bus Terminal and catch up.
  3. 3.  EVERYONE must vacate the tour buses at every stop. For the first fifteen minutes, I will check the buses every once in a while to see if there are people idling inside. You can come back when you’re done with what you’re supposed to be doing. Always stay with your group. Group members are responsible for checking on each other, especially during departure calls. Never leave your things on the bus. Do not leave your belongings unattended. Other people are interested to attend to them.
  4. 4.  While you will be given the chance to buy necessities at the Carcar Public Market, it is best to bring your own lunch as much as possible for very obvious reasons. Again, if you will be left behind, you will have to catch up. Hence, you are STRONGLY ADVISED to buy and bring your necessities ahead of time to save time and effort. NO BUYING OF FOOD AT JOLIBEE CARCAR WHILE WE ARE STILL DOING THE CHURCH VISIT. It is advised that you bring a picnic cloth or any excellent substitute. Lunch will be at Dalaguete Beach Park. If you decide to use their cottages/tables, you will have to pay the fee.
  5. 5.  Please keep in mind that we will be visiting CHURCHES. Wear something DECENT, therefore. NO SWIMMING BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER LUNCH. We are on a EDUCATIONAL TOUR, not on an escapade.
  6. 6.  During the tour, please DO NOT  Bring alcoholic beverages; Anyone caught doing the abovementioned acts will be reported to the disciplinary office of the school (OSA) and will be subject to sanctions.
  7. 7.  I have teacher colleagues assigned to each of your respective buses. They will be in charge throughout the bus rides. Please treat them with respect. In addition, there will be other students who will be riding with you, so please do behave.. I will be bus-hopping as well to make sure you’re still okay. Remember that you are still bringing the Carolinian name during the activity. Hence, any form of outrageous behavior will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly.
  8. 8. Carcar, Sibonga, Argao, Dalaguete, Boljoon
  9. 9. Santa Catalina Parish Church, Carcar City
  10. 10. Nuestra Señora del Pilarde Zaragosa, Sibonga
  11. 11. San Miguel de Arcangel Parish Church, Argao
  12. 12. San Guillermo de Aquitaña Parish Church, Dalaguete
  13. 13. Nuestra Señora del Patrocinio Parish Church, Boljoon
  14. 14. Journal
  15. 15. Name: ________________________Schedule: ______________________Date: _________________________ Carcar City Museum 1. Research on who commissioned theconstruction of the Plaza Rotunda, Rizalmonument, Pool, and Dispensary. Pleaseinclude the year the structures wereestablished. 2. What era was most of the townhouses built?
  16. 16. Carcar Church 1. Name of parish and date founded. 2. When was it built and completed? 3. What sculptures do you see outside thechurch? Please name them all. On thesculptures, what form, process , and type ofmedia used? 4. It is said that the Greek Orthodox styleinspires the main facade of the parish church.Research on Greek Orthodox architecture andas well as its relation to the facade of theParish Church.
  17. 17. Sibonga Church 1. Name of parish and date founded. 2. What period in history this churchwas patterned with? Support your answer. 3. Describe the panel paintings yousee at the interior ceiling of Sibongachurch? How is the subject re/presented?What kind of subject is present in theartwork?
  18. 18. Dalaguete Church 1. Create a pencil or pen sketch of thefaçade San Guillermo Parish Church. Argao Mortuary 1. Name of parish and date churchconstruction was finished. 2. Describe the relief you see at the pedimentof the Argao, Cebu Mortuary. Include also in yourdiscussion regarding the process and medium usedin such sculpture.
  19. 19. Boljoon Parish Museum 1. Name only three full-roundediconic sculptures and one reliefsculpture. (Get the names of thesaints and identify the materialsused) 2. Some of the images of saintsare said to be estofado. What is anestofado technique ?
  20. 20. From the information youobtained from the field trip, pastlessons and readings, (minimumof 200 words per question) 1. How was art used bypeople in the past? 2. Is it possible for man toexist without art?