Elisa curve fitting-analysis with ReaderFit.com


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Elisa curve fitting-analysis with ReaderFit.com

  1. 1. ELISA Curve-Fitting Analysis with ReaderFit.com Presenter: Charles Ma, Technical Support Organizer: Allen Liu, Supervisor
  2. 2. About ReaderFit.com…• Originated from MasterPlex QT, a multiplex quantitative analysis tool for more than 8 years• Developed MasterPlex ReaderFit, a single- plex solution for ELISA analysis• Launched ReaderFit.com, a platform-less, cross-browser tool for ELISA analysis
  3. 3. Benefits• No software downloads and installations• Works on all modern browsers• User friendly• Flexible data input• 4 and 5 Parameter Logistic with weighting• Easy data export• Completely FREE
  4. 4. Live Demo
  5. 5. What’s coming?• Codename “Cabernet” – ReaderFit.com 2.0• Adds more robust features: – Save projects – Generate replicate statistic – Customize reports – BestFit standard curve – Sample database – And more…
  6. 6. Resources• Free account: www.ReaderFit.com• Support: support@miraibio.com or 1-650-615-7680• Sales: info@miraibio.com or 1-424-237-8524• Live Chat• MiraiBio.com Support Menu – Community – Knowledge Base – Blog• Webinars: http://www.MiraiBio.com/Webinars
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