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How to Designe Wedding and Sangeet Theme


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Theme that can be chosen for wedding and sangeet program

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How to Designe Wedding and Sangeet Theme

  2. 2. CULTURAL THEMEOverviewWhat ever may be your plan for the weddings, you have to follow the cultural traditions. It is why theCultural Weddings becomes more relevant. Most of the couples want to tie the knot with conformity tothe ongoing culture of the society. The prospective brides and grooms like to wed according to thecustom of their family or induct components of customary marriage tradition of their socialbackgrounds. Embracing cultural weddings custom in a marriage is not only an amazing way to sharebond with individual and attendants but a pleasant way to salute the family traditions.An easy way to instill a small cultural touch is by inculcating customary marriage adornments, marriageaccessories and other essentials of the weddings. While these things are easy to implement, it is slightlytough to serve the food related to particular social background, because in some situations we arerestricted by the rules of the venue. If a tailor made menu is not likely, try offering signature beverageslike sake for a Japanese wedding reception or chai (tea) or sharbat for a traditional Indian wedding.Music and amusement is thing to set the right mood on the occasion of cultural weddings.Special FeaturesUndoubtedly the stars of the marriage ceremony are the bride and groom. So it is required to give theirlove and romance sufficient respect. The most unforgettable weddings will connect to the hearts of theguests and relatives to make the moments a whole new appearance in the crowd of numerous ordinaryoccasions. miracleventz@9823025557
  3. 3. ROSE WEDDING THEMEOverviewRose is the most loved flower of the couples and it is also a medium for expression of love in itsdifferent colours. So, it is not a surprise a large number of couples opt for a rose wedding theme.The fragrance of the flower is a promise to give their romance a lifelong existence. Couple nourish afascination for the wedding embellished with the vibrant colours of rose. Couples choose to go informal or casual style. If you have chosen a formal rose wedding theme then colours of the weddingshould be pale. As roses are accessible in almost all colours, it is the queen of the event; the bridehas to decide whether she wants to remain confine to one colour or to use a mosaic of colours. Itmust be ensured that the dresses of the guesst and others should be on the same theme.The Wedding trousseau of the bride should be the traditional white gown embroidered with the rosepetals. The bouquet of course should be made up of rose petals. it is up to bride to decide whethershe wants to have a typical colour or a combination of numerous roses to adore her bouquet.The dresses of the bridesmaids should be of the same style to make a cumulative appeal. It is abest idea to choose only pastel colours and not to go for the vibrant one.Special FeaturesFor the casual Rose Wedding theme the groom and his side should avoid donning black suits. Theycan use Dark blue suits or bottle green suits on this most auspicious occasion. The weddingmandap should be decorated with creeping roses and ferns. The reception venue should befragrant with roses. miracleventz@9823025557
  4. 4. FAIRY TALE THEME Many girls while growing up prefer for a dream wedding. They want to feel like a princess who would ultimately wed their man of their dreams. So, what more could then but a fairy tale wedding give the final touch to those years of childhood longings. A fairytale themed wedding can be based on popular characters like the Snow White, Cinderella, or Sleeping Beauty. With imagination and inputs of creativity, you can create a memorable fairytale themed wedding. Location: The location should do complete justice to the planned fairytale theme and must incorporate settings and an environment that reflects your dream wedding. Invitations: Invitation cards can have images of flowers, castle and palaces, angels or some characters such as Cinderella and Snow White. Decoration: This is the part which will test your creativity, imagination and your zest and enthusiasm for organizing and arranging the perfect fairytale wedding. You can start with images and replicas of Disneys character or fairies installed and lay out at appropriate places. The idea is to enhance the environment and effect of fantasy that characterizes fairy tales. Wedding dress: The outfit of both the bride and groom can be designed to look like Kings and Queens. Color white would be the best choice. Brides can further improve their appearances by fastening their hair with flowers and ribbons. Cake: The cake is the main attraction and the centerpiece of any weddings. It can be shaped to look like the shape of a castle with fairy figurines as cake topper. Further decorations can be increased with flowers, fruits, dragonflies, butterflies and ladybugs made of marzipan. Dinner: Dinner must be luxurious and sumptuous. It is the ultimate fulfillment of all the guests present. As the plot is to create a fairy themed, the tables can be covered with white cloths and the food served in silvery and glistening cutlery. Favors: Last but not the least; you can make the wedding favors cute and sparkling. You have the option to choose from items like pumpkin carriages, glass slippers, small magic wands, tiny candles, feathered butterflies and pearl jewelry miracleventz@9823025557
  5. 5. BUTTERFLY THEME When it is the occasion of Marriage every one wants to experiment something different. For numerous couples, there is nothing new in adapting an altogether different theme. As they want to make their weddings wonderful and at the same time a bit unique from the oft repeated traditional weddings. Butterfly Wedding Theme is meant for such couples who nourish similar thoughts. The butterfly wedding Theme is current trend for tying the nuptial knot. With every passing day these trends are getting popular. It is one of the most romantic ways to express love and concern for the Couples and love for the nature as well. If you want to tie the nuptial knot on the butterfly wedding Theme you first and most include amazing butterfly accessories to your wedding based on the butterfly Theme . You can take an early start with the invitations as an omen. Butterfly theme invitations are available in all forms. You can find the colours of your choice as per your chosen theme. While printing the invitation cards, ask for the best prints for a timeless effect. You may have to wander around to get the best deals in style and print. Once you have done up with invitations, the next thing to be taken care of is flowers, an essential objects for the weddings based on the butterfly Theme. You can pick the variety of your choice for the most auspicious occasion. If you can arrange the flowers attracting butterfly it is better. Chose those butterfly decors that come with sticks to give your bouquets a better look. Special Features For your Butterfly Wedding Theme candles crafted with butterfly designs adds more charm to your weddings. The bridal trousseau and grooms wedding suit should be inspired by the butterfly to give a wholesome effect. miracleventz@9823025557
  6. 6. FLOWER THEME Overview When it comes to wedding the couples are often intrigued by the various wedding themes, but nothing can match the aura of Flower Weddings. As floral decorations and bouquets are indelible parts of every wedding ceremony. There can not be a better idea to give your weddings an all inclusive floral themes. Definitely arranging flower weddings ceremony is easy to imagine but hard arranging. There is a large category of flowers are available so making choices becomes difficult. From vivacious colours to multicolored assortment; from perfumed buds to fascinating shape; from the uncommon blooms to the most universal options; picking the flower of your choice can be tough decision to make. Its wise to select the flower which sparks the essence of the merrymaking and weddings. Some flowers are typically more suited for the weddings than other occasions. So give priority to these flowers. Price is another element to be considered while making a choice. While a bouquet of lily-of-the- valley can bring an essence of elegance, but prices are very high. And in wedding arrangements large numbers of flowers are needed. The other choices can be Hydrangeas, which is fairly charged with full, bushy heads in vivacious colours. Special Features You can choose from the select list of the flowers like Rose, Daisy, Tulip, Hydrangea, Daffodil, Orchid, Stephanotis, Calla Lily, Lily of the Valley, Pansy, Gardenia, Peony, Sweet Peas, Iris and Magnolia. If you have finalized the flower for your flower weddings themes, it is time for meticulous planning for beautiful colour coordination. For this you can ask for the services of the professional decorators who will give creative shapes to your dream wedding. miracleventz@9823025557
  7. 7. RETRO THEME OLD IS GOLD Retro theme weddings remain the most unique form of wedding. It is a celebration of the past in a modern way with new touch. One of the best and most advisable steps to recreate the magic of the gone days is to flip the magazines of the past to see the fashion and the trends of those past periods. One can start setting the mood of the desired retro theme with the distribution of the wedding invitations that reveals the theme that you have chosen for your wedding. It is easy to create customized designs to serve as invitations card. For recreating the era of the 60s one can use paper stock in the pastel colors that were popular then or one can choose to go all-out and have tie dyed invitations. Designs of flowers can be printed on the invitations itself. The idea is to let the guests give a fair idea on the wedding style that is being planned and to aware them. See what was the top trend and fashions of the retro period that you are planning to organize. For an early 60s look, a cocktail dress or Jackie Kennedy-style sheath with a white pillbox hat and a netted veil is quite considerable. Other than this, one can browse shopping websites and eBay to choose and select fitting period bridal wear, including decorating items and other inspirational wedding ideas. A conventional wedding cake can be substituted with tasty, frosting-topped cupcakes for a change. Colorful cupcakes can do what generally traditional and conventional wedding cake. miracleventz@9823025557
  8. 8. OTHER THEMES Bollywood theme • Village theme Color Me Red Theme • Monsoon Theme Silver Mirror Theme • hum sath sath hai South Theme theme Sathiyan Theme Saptrangi (Rainbow) theme Raja Rani theme Krishna Theme miracleventz@9823025557
  9. 9. THE WAY TO GO Once the theme is selected or suggested the entire wedding will be planned in the following parts Part A Sangeet Sandya and sagaai Past B Vivaha and Reception miracleventz@9823025557
  10. 10. SANGEET SANDHAY AND SAGAAI Invitation for the sangeet  Date  venue  Time  Listof the people to invite  Design of the invitation card Theme selected will  Printing of the card reflect on the design  Distribution of the card miracleventz@9823025557
  11. 11. GUEST GETTING READY FOR THE SANGEET It’s a get gather of the families and it has to be grand and happening. We suggest the following Guest have to come dressed according to the theme selected Guest are requested to perform either dance song or skit which they can prepare from home ( they will have to inform prior) They can perform in group or solo. The couples will have to participate in the family fashion show. The Brides friends and family will have to give six dance sequences . They will be trained by our choreographer. miracleventz@9823025557
  12. 12. SETUP FOR THE SANGEET AND SAGAAI Entry gate Decor Welcome decor Sitting arrangement Hall décor Main stage and its decor Ring ceremony ( sagai stage & its decor) Sound and lights Entertainment Food Take away gifts miracleventz@9823025557
  13. 13. SETUP ELEMENTSVenue entry setupWelcome setupVenue sitting arrangement setupRing ceremony stage setupMain stage setupDance floor setup miracleventz@9823025557
  14. 14. Venue entry setupWelcome setup miracleventz@9823025557
  15. 15. A CLOSED CUSTOMIZED VENUE IF HALL NOTAVAILABLE miracleventz@9823025557
  16. 16. Raiser to elevate sitting Grooms family Sitting area 100 ft 30 ft 30 ft Dance Main Floor Stage Ring Ceremony stage Brides Family Sitting area Sound and light consolemiracleventz@9823025557
  17. 17. Table 1 Details Table 3 Details Table 5 Details 2 Seat 2 Seat 2 Seat Guest Name Guest Name Guest Name # # # 1 1 1 2 2 2 Table 1 Table 3 Table 5 8 8 4 4 8 4 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 6 7 7 7 8 8 8 Table 2 Details Table 4 Details Table 6 Details 2 Seat 2 Seat 2 Seat Guest Name Guest Name Guest Name # # # 1 1 1 2 2 2 Table 2 Table 4 Table 6 8 8 8 4 4 4 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 6 7 7 7 8 8 8 Groom Head Table8 PEOPLE PER TABLE, 12 TABLES IN ROOM PLUS HEAD TABLE Bride Table 12 Details Table 10 Details Table 8 Details Seat Seat Seat 2 Guest Name 2 Guest Name 2 Guest Name # # # 1 1 1 2 2 2 Table 12 3 Table 10 3 Table 8 8 8 4 4 8 4 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 6 7 7 7 8 8 8 Table 11 Details Table 9 Details Table 7 Details Seat Seat Seat 2 Guest Name 2 Guest Name 2 Guest Name # # # 1 1 1 2 2 2 Table 11 3 Table 9 3 Table 7 3 8 8 4 4 8 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 6 7 7 7
  18. 18. Main Performing stage Back Drop Designee 36 x 36 ft Stage size 36 x 24 x 2 ft LED SCREE 12 x 8 miracleventz@9823025557
  19. 19. Bride and Groom stage miracleventz@9823025557
  20. 20. EVENT FLOW OF THE SANGEET  Welcome of the guest by the anchor  Introduction of the grooms family and the groom  Introduction of the brides family and the Bride  Ring ceremony  Bride and groom escorted to there stage.  Performance by family Guest  Dance sequence by dance group  Performance by Family Guest  Dance sequence by dance group  Anchor encourages couple and childrens to play games.  Dance performance by bride and groom ( if Possible)  Food and Bar Counter open  Performance by family Guest  Dance sequence by dance group  Dj on the floor  Distribution of take away gifts  Event closed miracleventz@9823025557