Social Media and Your Business


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Companies like Zappos, JetBlue and CNN are deepening their relationships with fans, potential customers and vendors using free web sites like Facebook and Twitter. This 90 minute event for Warsaw, Indiana Chamber of Commerce members looked at the social media world through the lenses of process and theory.

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  • Reverse-Engineering WineLibrary.TV
  • Social Media and Your Business

    1. 1. Social Media and Your Business Jerry Richardson, Chief Technologist Disruptive Ventures, Inc.
    2. 2. Brands are Personalities Using Social Media Tools, your brand can express its personality Passion and authenticity are the most important ingredients
    3. 3. The Brand of The Future
    4. 4. Gary Vay-ner-chuk 721 Episodes of Wine Library TV since 2006 80,000 viewers 860,000 follow @garyvee on Twitter Conan O’Brien 7-figure book deal with Harper Studio
    5. 5. Today Blogging/Vlogging/Podcasting Facebook Twitter LinkedIn
    6. 6. Blogging Should I allow Comments? Hosted Solutions vs. Deploying Your Own
    7. 7. RSS Feeds Publish Full content with No ads. keep up with the news you actually care about: reader
    8. 8. Google Alerts another way to be a part of the conversation send you a notification when new results are found for your search terms feed reader or via e-mail
    9. 9. Vlogging/Podcasting Built-In Camera on the Mac Choosing Video Quality over Quantity is Suspicious - Audio alone? Quality is mandatory. YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler List your podcast in the iTunes Music Store
    10. 10. Photo Sharing Flickr
    11. 11. Facebook Founded in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg Until September 2005, exclusively for College Students 250,000,000 Active Users
    12. 12. Facebook One Account Per Human Groups for Networking Businesses should have Pages, not Accounts - can have events, discussions, videos, like an account. Vanity URL’s - Minimum of 1,000 fans for Pages.
    13. 13. Posting an Event on Facebook
    14. 14. Posting an Event on Facebook
    15. 15. Facebook Widgets Facebook Apps Facebook Connect
    16. 16. Twitter Started in March 2006 Originally Designed an SMS Forwarding Service (40404) 140 characters 30 million “users”
    17. 17. Twitter vs. Google “Both Google and Twitter have little boxes for you to type into, but on Google you're looking for information, and expecting a machine response, whereas on Twitter you're declaring an emotion and expecting a human response. This is what leads to unintentionally ironic newspaper columns bemoaning public banality, because they miss that while you don't care what random strangers feel about their lunch, you do if its your friend on holiday in Pompeii.” How Twitter works in theory August 14, 2009
    18. 18. Easy to Get Started
    19. 19. Twitter #hashtags @replies D - Direct Messages External API Multiple Accounts
    20. 20. Do Use Your Real Name Track Conversations Build relationships Find new Vendors and Contractors Upload Your Own Photo Link it to your Facebook Page
    21. 21. instant feedback basis of many customer service uses of twitter access over the web, most twitter clients, RSS feed or over the API
    22. 22. Don’t Hard Sell Be rude Tweet a link to every new post on your blog Publicly thank people for following you
    23. 23. Business Uses Customer Service Post Job Openings Contests Tweet an Event Authentication via OAuth
    24. 24. LinkedIn 44 million users unit of currency is the “recommendation”
    25. 25. LinkedIn
    26. 26. To get a link to these slides, follow @jerry on Twitter