The Good Earth


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The Good Earth

  1. 1. The GoodEarth By. Pearl S. BuckPrepared by Miracel D.Sacil
  2. 2. Characters:Wang Lung- Poor farmer (main character)O-lan-Wife of Wang LungLotus- Mistress of Wang LungChing- Bestfriend of Wang Lung
  3. 3. The story begins on theday of Wang Lungs wedding
  4. 4. Wang Lung is a poor young peasawho lives in an earthenbrick house with his father,who has arranged for himto marry a slave girlnamed O-lan from the greatfamily of the House of Hwang.
  5. 5. After Wang Lung brings hisquiet but diligent new wife home,she works side by side with him in the fields untiltheir first child is born.
  6. 6. They are delighted with their son,and at the New Year O-landresses him upand proudly takes him to theHouse of Hwang to showhim off.
  7. 7. But soon Wang Lung encountersDifficulties Wang Lung sellshis furniture for a bit of silverto take his family south,though he refuses to sell his land.They ride a firewagonto a southern city,where they live in a makeshifthut on the street. .
  8. 8. They survive by O-lan, thegrandfather, and the childrenbegging for food and Wang Lung pula jinrickshaw (or rickshaw) for the ricor pulling wagonloads of cargo at nig
  9. 9. In the southern city,Wang Lung perceivesthe extraordinary wealthof westernersand Chinese aristocratsand capitalists, and he is interestedin the revolutionaries‘protests of the oppression of the po
  10. 10. There follow seven years ofprosperity, during whichthe sons grow and begin school;a third son is born with a twin sisteand the harvest is soplentiful that Wang Lung hireslaborers and his loyal neighbor,Ching, as a steward.
  11. 11. Bored with his plain and coarse wife,he ventures into a tea shop intown operated by a man from the southwhere the rich and idle spend their timedrinking, gambling, and visiting prostitutes.There he begins an affair with Lotus, a delicabeautiful but manipulatively demandingcourtesan whom he desires obsessively.
  12. 12. O-lan is deeply hurt and angry,which makes Wang Lungdefensively guilty and cold with her;there are conflicts between O-lan andLotus maid Cuckoo who had mistreaO-lan when she was a concubine ofthe old master in the House of Hwang
  13. 13. Family affairs continue tohave ups and downs. O-lanssickness finally overpowersher, and Wang Lungstender solicitousnessto her on her deathbedcannot fully compensatefor the insults shereceived when Lotusmoved into the house.
  14. 14. She is content to die only afterher first sons marriage isconsummated, so shecan expect a grandson.
  15. 15. His eldest sonpersuades him to buy the oldestate of the House of Hwang in towboth as a means of moving out fromthe place where the disgracefuluncle and his wife live, and asa symbol of Wang Lungselevated social position.
  16. 16. Finally, Wang Lung returns to the earthouse of his land to die. Materialprosperity has brought him superficiasocial satisfaction, but only his landcan provide peace and security.Even his final days are troubled, wheoverhears his two older sons planninto sell the land as soon as he dies.