Proposal for ccms grand opening event


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Proposal for ccms grand opening event

  1. 1. Proposal for CCMS Grand Opening EventOn the 7thDecember 2011, we plan to give the hallways of the College of Communication andMedia Sciences a PERSONALITY!As a group of 12 CCMS students, we hope to represent the rest of the College and to showeveryone what we are made of; Highly intelligent, hard working, creative, enthusiastic,determined, and most importantly, students who are full of life!We have come up with an idea to represent exactly who we are, not only on December 7, but as apermanent display. We plan to be decorating the outside of the College, as well as the hallwayoutside of the Dean’s office.Theme: Film premiere-extremely visual.The Outside: (Outside display will only be temporary)We plan on having a projector project onto the roof of the promenade, displaying communicationwords to let everyone know where we are.We have found a socket that can be used, and determined how we can place the projector so thatit will not be in the way.Once you step out of the lift, onto the second floor, we plan on having a red carpet just outside ofthe College, with velvet ropes, to give it a Film premiere look. We shall have 7 silhouettes ofpaparazzi and reporters printed onto standing cardboard, to give it a lively and action pact feel.In addition, we will have 6 mini spot-lights on the ground and 2 large ones. This should help inlivening it up as well.
  2. 2. We shall also have 2 glass-case cupboards, which will display media tools to let people knowwhat media students and people around the world can’t live without!Just outside of the college will be a rollup banner, displaying a picture of CCMS faculty and afew students as well- to show unity and how we all work together.The hallwayOnce you enter the hallway, the movie shall begin. A roll of film will start on the wall where thefilm will fall out and display the best work of students from all over the college. (Faculty will beable to use this display where they can update it, and show the latest creations of their students-Not only will this encourage students to work hard, but also to be proud of theiraccomplishments.) We hope to be able to paint the silhouettes and film strips onto the walls withhigh quality glossy paint (Joton), to give it a professional and very neat look. (Just like thedecoration on the twofour54 walls.) We willbe using Black, White, Grey, Red, and afew touches of Gold- very classical andprofessional colours. We plan to draw theoutlines throughout this coming week, andspend our weekends painting.The film strip will connect to varioussilhouettes of all types of media all over thehallway. This will help in consistency andgive it a classical, professional, and creativelook.
  3. 3. The hallway will be separated into 5 parts; one wall will displayworks of students from converged media- articles they have hadpublished in the newspaper. Another wall will show advertisementsand logos students have created in their new media course. Anotherwall will show pictures of events and places students have visited.Another wall will display photography, etc.No one will be left out, and the walls will display EVERYTHING ourCollege has to offer.We shall also have roll up banners displaying clubs our college has,which includes the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), and Zajel(Our student media outlet).In the middle of the hallway, we shall have a projector which willdisplay a video that wraps up what CCMS is all about, and a few of thebest student films created. We shall use an electrical outlet from Maha’s office, which canproject straight onto the wall of the opposite meeting room. (This will be temporary)We plan on having a long table pushed back to the walls, which will have refreshments andhandouts for our guests.At the end of the hallway we will curtain it off with red curtains, as it will be the Graduation sideand faculty information. To avoid damaging the walls, we will use a shower curtain rod, whichwill hang the curtains in a beautiful and elegant manner.(The rod will be covered with extramaterial, to give it a richer look)We hope to have a wide LCD screen, where a slide show will bedisplayed of previous capstone projects and information of ZUgraduates.One of the walls will display professional pictures of our facultymembers, with their names, and job title.The other wall will be named our “Wall of Fame,” which will displayinformation on ZU graduates, their accomplishments, where they work,and where they are heading. This shall show our visitors what CCMShas done and how they have helped their graduates reach where they aretoday- this should also inspire current CCMS students.
  4. 4. We are aiming for a very classical and professional event, which would impress anyone whowould take a look. We hope you can trust us with this responsibility, as we are a group of hardworking perfectionists who are aiming to provide the best that we can.Mira Jamal, Director of have added some of my paintings and sketches for you to have an idea of what kind of art Ihave done.