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Creative Campaign- Cartoon Network Animation Academy


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Creative Campaign- Cartoon Network Animation Academy

  1. 1. COM357- Creative AdvertisingCreative CampaignMira JamalM8000077120 June 2013
  2. 2. What they doA 16 month, full-time training course delivered atThe Cartoon Network Academy, at .• It teaches techniques used in Europe and the USA, to train scriptwriters andanimators from the MENA region.• It provides a foundation for creating animated productions that reflecthumour, culture, values and heritage within the MENA region.
  3. 3. Promotional EffortsArticles publishedonline.Social NetworkCampaign 2013 “The Wait is Over”TBWA/RAADPrint Ads
  4. 4. Promotional EffortsCampaign 2011/12 “Get Animated”Online competition where applicants had to use an application to create a drawing, thenshare it through social media. Likes were counted as a vote.Competition was promoted through online banners, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads andtwofour54 website.Print Ads were created which demonstrated student’s imagination, and used their ownthoughts as headlines. They promoted a rewarding career in animation and theavailability of scholarships.Posters were placed at various universities in the UAE.
  5. 5. Persona for Core AudiencePsychographics:Looking for an opportunity where they can turn their love fordrawing, and fascination with animation, into a career.They arecreative, social, active, enthusiastic, precise, ambitious andwilling to learn and develop.Do not have experience in animation, but a passion andinterest.Demographics:Nationality: ArabAge: young adults (18-25)Language: English and ArabicSkills: Ability to draw
  6. 6. Brand Message“Bringing Characters to Life”WHY?Animators want their characters to have a soul and heart. They want nothing more than tobe able to see their drawings move.Our target market live in a world of imagination, so why not make their imagination cometo life.CNAA is the brand that will make their dream of live imagination come true.BASED ON: Emotional BrandingThe services offered in the academy will naturally create a relationship with their clients(students). Students will have emotional bonds with people they encounter at theacademy, creating connections, friendships and life long skills that will further develop theircareers.Once a student goes to CNAA, the memory and skills will remain forever.
  7. 7. Mood Board
  8. 8. Strategy- Part 1“Bringing Characters to Life”Part one: Integrate Cartoon Network’s characters with real life, and bring animation intoreality.Use technology (Screens and Cameras) on escalators in malls, across Abu Dhabi andDubai, to turn the bottom half of people on the escalator into cartoon network charactersMalls include:• Abu Dhabi Mall• Al Wahda Mall• Al Khalidya Mall• Mushrif Mall• Delma Mall• Marina Mall (AD and DXB)• Dubai Mall• Mall of the Emirates
  9. 9. Strategy- Part 2“Bringing Characters to Life”Part two: The raceYoung adults, from all over the UAE, will have the chance to enter a race where they will beteamed into 5, and go on a hunt around Abu Dhabi in search of people in costumes ofCartoon Network characters.The first 4 groups back (20 people) will then enter a competition where they will have tosend in a character they drew, to be judged by the CNAA team.First place winner will receive a full scholarship worth Dhs. 80,000.Second place winner will receive a part scholarship worth Dhs. 40,000.
  10. 10. Strategy- Part 2Each team will be given a CN show themedcar, with a designated driver, who they will haveto give directions to. They will be given clues and amap of Abu Dhabi, to guide them to each location.They will also have a camera, where once theyfind the character, they will have to take a groupphoto with the character.There will be a live feed projected on a largescreen on the Corniche, which will display footage from cameras set up in the cars, and thelocations participants would be stopping at. This will allow their supporters to watch themand root for them through social media networks.Promotion of the race:• It will be announced on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.• Fliers will be handed out at universities and malls across the UAE.• Emails will be sent through all universities and colleges in the UAE.• Radio Announcements:Arabic Stations: Radio Sawa & Khaleejiya English Stations: Virgin Radio & Radio One• 30” TVC on popular local channels such as Sama Dubai, Abu Dhabi TV, MBCchannels, Dubai One, FOX channels, and will also be uploaded and spread through Social
  11. 11. Story Board
  12. 12. Story Board