Catalonia, a Lifestyle that Works


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Invest in Catalonia

Source: Generalitat de Catalunya.

Date: October 2012.

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Catalonia, a Lifestyle that Works

  2. 2. CATALONIA BARCELONA Area 32,106 km21.4% of EU-27 population Population Average 7.539 million 16.17ºC temperature1.7% of EU-27 GDP Average daylight 12 h 57 min hours1.3% of EU-27 exports GDP mp 2011 € 210.150 billion Agriculture 0.95 % (GAV 2011)15% of Spanish population Industry (GAV 2011) 20.30 %20% of Spanish GDP Construction (GAV 2011) 10.58 % Services 68.17 %25% of Spanish industry (GAV 2011) Tourism 27.9 million (visitors 2011)30% of Spanish foreign trade GDP per capita € 28,270 / 2011 year Exports € 55.53 2011 billion Imports € 70.85 2011 billionWith a population is similar to Bulgaria and Austria, a GDP greater than Finland’s and the Czech Republic’s R&D spending 1.63 % ofand similar to Denmark’s, Catalonia’s economic position in Europe is noteworthy. Its exports are similar to 2010 GDPPortugal’s, and exceeds countries like Romania and Greece. Its GDP per capita is 14,4% above the Europeanaverage (EU-27), and is greater than the UK’s and Italy’s. 2
  3. 3. CATALONIA BARCELONAA metropolitan area similar to Frankfurt, Munich and Rome in terms of population (4.8 million)The 4th most visited European city and 16th in the worldOne of KPMG’s (2011) world’s top 10 attractive locations and top 10 Green sites.Best Southern European city and 2nd Best European region by FDI Strategy (FDI Intelligence, 2012).The world’s second city in hosting International Congresses (ICCA/BTCB, 2011).The top Mediterranean cruise-ship destination.A major venue for key cultural, sports, economic and business events. Since 1996 Barcelona has retained its number one ranking as Europe’s best city in Europe in terms of employee quality of life. European Cities Monitor (Cushman&Wakefield) 3
  4. 4. MORE FROM LIFE MORE FROM BUSINESS 17,800,000 A hub of high value added industries tourists visit Catalonia every year, can be found here: 25% of those who visit Spain, chemicals, pharma, packaging, the world’s 3rd most visited country agro-food, automobile... 7,500,000 Catalonia is a major pole of attraction for:visitors come to Barcelona every year, health and social services, ICTs, the 4th most visited city in Europe media, logistics, tourism, education... 4
  5. 5. TALENTEDeducated-creative-solid work ethic GLOBALconnected-mobile-open-attractive BUSINESS-ORIENTED competitive-dynamic-diverse technological-business friendly 5
  6. 6. EDUCATION that worksCatalonia has a significant amount of A sign of the educational excellence is the amount educational centres per capita. of international students studying in Catalonia. 13 public and private universities Over 221,000 students Over 600 different degrees Campus of International Excellence 1% of world scientific production (Nature) Two of the top five best executive education schools around the world 3,000 organizations from over 50 countries recruit employees through ESADE every year. In 2011-2012 780 students attend IESE Master programmes, 80% from abroad Universitat de les Nacions Unides UNU 6
  7. 7. CREATIVITY that works Catalans like ideas, and they like putting theminto practice in a whole range of different fields: graphic design, art, urban planning, architecture, fashion, gastronomy, industry… Large-scale design projects (DHub, BCN Design Week) Renewed design training centres Tradition, knowledge and experience Design applied to people’s needs Design studios and corporate design centres (Alstom, Volvo, HP, Roca…) 7
  8. 8. EXCELLENCE that worksCatalans have anentrepreneurial spiritand are focused onidentifyingopportunities andfinding innovativesolutions.This innovative spiritand a solid,collaborative workethic has allowedCatalans to stand outin their particularareas of excellence. Barcelona Supercomputing Center BarcelonaTech University A computing capacity of 94,21 Teraflops inside Torre Girona Chapel. 8
  9. 9. CONNECTIVITY that works Barcelona is one of the few cities in Southern Europe with full-modal transport integration. Port, airport, railway, motorways within a 12-kilometre radius, each with global connectivity.80 airlines One of the main Mediterranean ports140 destinations worldwide Leader in Mediterranean vehicle trafficOver 32 million passengers Inland terminals (Zaragoza, Toulouse, Lyon), port networkBest South European Airport A 259-ha of logistics activity areaBest European Cargo Airport Easy commuting by public transport (bus, subway, tram) Excellent road network connecting internal market Mediterranean Rail Corridor, EU priority project 9
  10. 10. MOBILITY that works Mobile solutions forBarcelona is now the world’s centre for smart cities mobility innovation in all fields m-Transportation m-Health m-Contents m-Payments m-Education“ We are thrilled toannounce that Barcelonawill be the Mobile WorldCapital for the next sevenyears. This is an excitingtime for the city and for themobile industry as a whole” John Hoffman, CEO GSMA Ltd. 10
  11. 11. OPENNESS that works Catalonia accounts for: Catalan exports (in millions of euros) Catalonia accounts for: 26% 36% of all Spanish of all Spanish exports exporting companies 65% 30% Catalan exporting companies of Catalan of Catalan exports go to exporting companies EU markets do it regularlyAlmost 500 million Launch pad to consumers in a Mediterranean and2-hour flight radius Latin American markets Source: ACC10 11
  12. 12. AN ATTRACTION that works Netherlands Denmark 13% 2% UK 8% Germany Belgium 1% 19% USA Luxemboug 3% 10% Switzerland 5% France 16% Italy CATALONIA 5,061 9% foreign companies Portugal Japan 2% 2%Source: Invest in Catalonia. Other 10% 12
  13. 13. COMPETITIVENESS that works Electricity prices, industry Office rents €/100kWh €/ sqm year (Eurostat 2012-2011) (Jones Lang LaSalle Q4 2011)Competitive operational costs France 7,22 Netherlands 8,41 Germany 8,95 EU (27) 9,34 Belgium 9,50 Czech Rep. 10,28 Spain 10,82 UK 10,97 Ireland 11,21 Italy 11,45 Slovakia 12,73 Gas prices, industrial consumers Minimum wage €/Gigajoule €/month (Eurostat 2012-2011) (Eurostat, 2012) Netherlands 7,49 UK 8,25 EU (27) 8,98 France 9,86 Ireland 9,90 Spain 10,03 Slovakia 10,60 Portugal 11,09 Germany 12,04 Sweden 12,46 13
  14. 14. DYNAMISM that works “The Continental Automotive plant in Catalonia is a benchmark in lean manufacturing and one of Europe’s most competitive factories. Our plant will be directly involved in the production of hybrid and electric vehicle components, working on the project together with the R&D centre in Nuremburg.” Francesc Xavier Pujol, General Manager14
  15. 15. DIVERSITY that worksIndustrial Sectors Service Sectors Business services22% Chemicals&Pharma ICTs Engineering22% Metal&Machinery Trade Relocation agencies12% Food &Beverages Tourism Human resources11% Transport material Design &Engineering Business associations10% Paper &Graphics Health&Biotech Law firms 7% Electric&Electronics Creative industries Telecom&Energy 6% Textiles Shared services centres Consultances10% Other Logistics Transport Wide availability of providers and suppliers 15
  16. 16. TECHNOLOGY that worksKey scientific infrastructures IDIADA ALBA Scientific IBM Supercomputing automotive lab test synchrotron Parks CNNC Centre Home to leading European The TECNIO technology transfer hospitals and research groups network and its expert partners Active in life sciences and the give added value to tech creation of biotech companies projects. With R&D at 1.6% of GDP 16
  17. 17. A BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT that worksTax rebates for R&D&I and environmental issuesFlat rate tax system for non-residents.Favourable tax system for foreign holding companies.Fast-track of work and residence permits.Incentive programmes for job creation.Invest in Catalonia services Information for foreign companies One-stop-shop for investment projects Business location services Financing advice and assistance Expansion and diversification Global Partnerships 17
  18. 18. WHAT THEY SAY“In choosing the location for our flagship customer centre, Fujitsuplaced a high emphasis on strategic qualities including a solution-oriented multi-cultural workforce, high-specification office locationsand a comprehensive infrastructure. In all of these areas, Barcelonawas a stand-out winner.” Rolf Schwirz, CEO Fujitsu Technology Solutions “Barcelona is a city with a great influence and international reputation, which helps when it comes down to doing business.” Julio Rodríguez, CEO Schneider Electric. “With innovation, investment and great people, you’ve got all the right ingredients for success.” Bernard Meunier, General Manager of Nestlé España. 18
  19. 19. INVEST IN CATALONIA WORKS FOR YOU Tailor-made services for international companies planning first-time investment in Europe or looking to expand their activities in CataloniaInvest in Cataloniacatalonia@acc10.catwww.investincatalonia.comPasseig de Gràcia, 12908008 Barcelona+34 934 767 287 BEIJING BERLIN BOGOTA BRUSSELS BUENOS AIRES CASABLANCA COPENHAGUEN DUBAI CAIRO HONG KONG ISTANBUL JOHANNESBURG LISBON LONDON MEXICO CITY MIAMI MILAN MONTREAL MOSCOW MUMBAI NEW YORK PARIS PRAGUE SANTIAGO DE CHILE SAO PAULO SEOUL SYDNEY SILICON VALLEY SINGAPORE STUTTGART TOKYO WARSAW WASHINGTON DC SHANGHAI 19