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Mioritix Media Timisoara

  1. 1. We don’t just design websites.<br />We create user experience and we generate feelings!<br />www.mioritix-media.com<br />
  2. 2. over 30 years of experience<br />6 people passionate about web<br />We are not a huge agency. That's not what we wish to be. Instead, what really makes us happy is that we are a clever and efficient web design company that can offer each project the attention it deserves.<br />When we start a project, we devote ourselves 110% to it and we make our best in order to create an impact product that can satisfy the requirements of our customers to the smallest detail. Our passion for what we do is the foundation of our most successful projects and the drive that keeps us highly competitive.<br />Our greatest satisfaction and pride is that most of our clients keep on collaborating with us for their new projects and, furthermore, they warmly recommend us.<br />We gladly invite you for a cup of coffee and an open discussion, so that you get to know us! Coffee and ideas are on us.<br />
  3. 3. our team<br />George http://ro.linkedin.com/in/georgedamian<br />management, web development, web design<br />He is working in the field of web programming from 2001. When he is not creating project specifications, he likes to develop websites using PHP&MySQL and improve functionality using jQuery. And of course to play with his daughter.<br />Our CMS framework is his personal project for the last 4 years.<br />Alexandru http://ro.linkedin.com/in/alexpintilie<br />web development, UX, web design<br />Creating websites has started as a free-time hobby for him and 6 years later it’s his full-time job. He likes this field because each project is a new challenge with different results. He specializes in web development of rich Internet applications using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). <br />In his free-time he challenges George into adding new features to our CMS.<br />Ancahttp://ro.linkedin.com/in/ancahategan<br />web design, marketing, social marketing<br />Her college job as a Junior Web Designer revealed an interesting domain - advertising and marketing - in which she is currently involved. <br />She is a responsible, well-organized person, with good interpersonal skills, who seeks and finds solutions to challenges.<br />
  4. 4. our team<br />Denis http://ro.linkedin.com/in/slonovschidenis<br />web development, UX, SEO<br />Denis joined our team last year in May. His good skills of web authoring turns each of our designs in valid CSS and HTML websites. <br />He is a fan of jQuery and likes to play with our CMS framework everyday in order to add new usability features.<br />Ionut http://ro.linkedin.com/in/alexpintilie<br />web development, UX, web design, SEO<br />For him the word WEBDEVELOPER is more then just a a word. It’s him. He has experience in the field of web development for more than 6 years. <br />Mostly interested in developing back-ends and website administration tools. Language of choice: PHP but not only. <br />Florinhttp://ro.linkedin.com/pub/florin-gabor/18/6bb/b74<br />sales and marketing<br />We don’t really know what he does but he is continuously on the phone or in a meeting. The magic is that he manages very well our clients and their feedback regarding our work is great.<br />
  5. 5. www.identity.travel-lounge.roIdentitytravel program<br />Identity is one of the holiday packages created by Travel lounge which promotes the area of Bucovina. This program addresses foreign tourists and it presents the beauties of this area, including the famous monasteries and the birth places of different Romanian cultural figures.<br />The presentation site of the program benefits from a design intended to emphasize its traditional character and the fact that it is a journey to the past.<br />
  6. 6. www.nationaltv.roNational TV<br />Creating the site of National TV, one of our country's most representative televisions, was flattering, yet difficult task. It was a real challenge to satisfy the demands and expectances of National TV's viewers, a public actively involved in the actions and shows of this television.<br />The final product is not a simple presentation site of the television, it is a tool used for getting informed on the TV schedule and the virtual place where viewers can meet and discuss on the shows and films broadcasted by the television.<br />
  7. 7. www.theredcarpet.roRed Carpet <br />Red Carpet is an advertising agency that has a client portfolio which includes famous brands on the international market - Reebok, Samsung, Vichy, Audi, Hugo Boss. For this project, we created a modern and clear design, by emphasizing the advertising channels that the agency has at its disposal.<br />
  8. 8. If you consider renting in Timisoara a modern office for your business, Romcapital Center is the office building that you are looking for.<br />For this client, we created a dynamic, modern and professional design that matches the services offered by this company. Taking into account the first-class customers of our partner, we took care that the site visitors could have easy and quick access to the information they seek for, in order to make a complete picture on Romcapital Center's offer.<br />www.romcapitalcenter.roRomcapital Center<br />
  9. 9. The site of Pin Alpin Chalet, a place offering an intimate atmosphere and a high comfort, emphasizes the fact that this is the right accommodation for those wanting to visit the surroundings of Retezat Mountains.<br />In order to sustain what we stated before, we made use of a friendly and uncrowded design that gives full value to all the beauties and tourist attractions in the area. The site includes a photo gallery with pictures of the chalet and from the surrounding area.<br />www.cabana-pinalpin.infoCabana <br />Pin Alpin<br />
  10. 10. World Class is a top quality provider of fitness and aerobic services, who is internationally known and who owns a five star network of fitness clubs in over 10 European and Middle-Eastern countries. The international reputation, high level of professionalism and wide range of fitness services provided by World Class are reflected in the site design, content and functionality. Furthermore, we significantly contributed to the promotion of Word Class local image both online and offline, through the creation of advertising materials.<br />www.worldclass.ro<br />World Class Fitness Romania<br />
  11. 11. www.vfimedica.roVFI Medica<br />VFI MEDICA is a company with over 5 years experience in selling medical equipments. Their request was clearly-stated: they wanted a presentation site that is simple and that concisely presents their products and services. Possible partners who may be interested in collaborating with them can contact the company using the contact form placed visibly and at hand for everybody.<br />
  12. 12. Behind a good idea there often hides the day-to-day experience. The fascinating idea of Mrs. Simona Gouraud to create original and customized children's stories seemed to us a successful idea as of the first moment we heard it. Thus, the world of stories can become more personal to our child when he/she becomes part of the main action in the book.<br />Povestepersonalizata.ro is the online embodiment of the concept: a presentation site with lots of useful information which gives you the possibility to configure and order online any of the books written by Simona.<br />www.povestepersonalizata.ro<br />Poveste personalizată<br />
  13. 13. Physical activity means health. Outdoor Cycling, a new concept on the Romanian market, offers lots of advantages: physical activity in the open air, spending leisure time with one's friends and a good physical condition. By this site, we wanted to provide an advertising channel for these benefits and for the services offered by the team behind the project.<br />www.outdoor-cycle-retreat.ro<br />Outdoor Cycle Retreat<br />
  14. 14. www.romcapital.roRomcapital<br />Romcapital is a brand in the financial investments field in Romania. The wide range of investment services that they offer is rounded off by the two online platforms that allow traders to make exchange operations on the national and international markets. The company's web page is an ample source of information concerning financial investments and stock market exchange.<br />
  15. 15. www.biroticacenter.roBirotica Center<br />Birotica Center wished to extend its sales services in the IT products field through the intermediate of a website that could take orders easily and quickly.<br />We developed a complete information system: a product catalogue, a system of online orders, a system of call-centre order taking and an online marketing system (newsletter).<br />
  16. 16. www.paintballarena.roPaintballArena<br />Over the past few years the Paintball phenomena amplified, especially due to the fact that it is a team game used for developing cooperation and team spirit.<br />Paintball Arena is the direct importer of the 3 world's top companies producing paintball equipments. This website efficiently completed the company's existent distribution network by offering to all interested persons the possibility to order online the desired equipments. Our website solution included the creation of an online catalogue and of an online ordering and invoicing system for direct customers and resellers.<br />
  17. 17. www.timix.roTimix<br />Timix is the first IXP -Internet Exchange provider in the Western Romania.<br />For their online presence, they wanted to have a simple site which could present the benefits and the infrastructure offered by Timix's data centre. The web page is a completion of the offline materials and a support for the presentations sustained by Timix team before all Internet providers in the Western area.<br />
  18. 18. www.travel-lounge.roTravel Lounge<br />The challenge that we were thrown out was to create a complete online and offline image for a tourism agency with an experienced team in this field, who wanted to address the idea of tourism from a new perspective.<br />Travel Lounge proposes to its customers some innovative travel destinations and holiday packages and manages to cover a wide range of clients, regardless their preferences.<br />
  19. 19. www.smartclubtm.roSmart ClubTimișoara<br />Smart Club Timisoara's site, franchised Fun Science, is a site dedicated to parents and kids at the same time. Its design has been conceived so as to emphasize the particularity of our partner's activity: after-school activities that are fun and educational at the same time.<br />The layout, the colors and the text format that we used, all contribute to emphasizing the idea that this is an "uncommon" but very friendly site.<br />
  20. 20. www.power-print.roPower Print<br />The color dynamics chosen when conceiving the site design is intended to emphasize the company's object of activity - large format printing. Therefore, the site visitors can quickly make a clear idea on the activity and services provided by Power Print.<br />
  21. 21. www.stockhitworld.roStockHitWorld<br />Romcapital launched at the end of 2009 a new and performant stock exchange platform for online international trading called StockHit World.<br />It was us who were in charge for creating the online profile of this platform by means of a web page containing detailed information on all its functionalities. Using a minimalist design, combining a chaste framework with an attractive logo, we obtained a website featuring a modern style and a classical business attitude.<br />
  22. 22. www.totalfun.roTotal Fun<br />TotalFun conceives and organises different indoor or outdoor team-building activities, both for companies and for groups of individuals. Site owners wanted to combine the specific characteristics of their activity: mountains, sea, sports.<br />We chose to draw all these elements so that we could create a site whose background perfectly describes all the elements that define TotalFun's activity.<br />