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World Plone Day 2013


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World Plone Day 2013 presentation held in University of Jyväskylä

Published in: Technology
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World Plone Day 2013

  1. 1. Beauty ofthe beastMikko OhtamaaWorld Plone Day 2013Jyväskylä
  2. 2. Agenda★ History of Plone★ Psyche of the community★ What it takes to get there
  3. 3. opensourcehacker.comOpen Source Hackermikko@redinnovation.commoo9000
  4. 4. Oldest living opensource CMS*★ Zope 1998★ Plone 2000★ Plone Foundation2004*) unless claimed otherwise
  5. 5. There is no one on thedriver’s seatThe community is an organicmash up of small consultingshops having beer with publicsector IT departments
  6. 6. ★ Plone Foundation, non-profit rights holder★ 240 active or emeritus Foundationmembers★ 50+ sponsors★ 400 guests in conferenceLiving and kicking
  7. 7. Everybody lovesPlone ♥
  8. 8. (exceptdevelopers)(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
  9. 9. Plone is famous for★ Python programming language★ Security★ Flexibility★ Not being famous
  10. 10. Byproducts of community★274 installed packages★255 MB installed source code★228 + 890 Github repos
  11. 11. Zope2/Startup/misc/ (C) 1999, 2000 Digital Creations, Inc.
  12. 12. Plone has only 1 feature★There is no thing it cannot do★ Most advanced plugin system everwritten in any programming language★ Most advanced permission, role andsharing system which bends so youdon’t have to
  13. 13. Riding the beast★ Self-organizing community teams★ High degree of automatization andcontinuous integration★ Enhancement proposals “PLIPs”
  14. 14. Battle-scarred community★ Old enough to look into a mirror andadmit the mistakes of the past★ Most friendly community★ No question goes unanswered ... butyou might regret asking“We were young.We needed the money.”
  15. 15. Plone communityattracts most intelligentand interesting people...
  16. 16. ...and happens everywhere★ World conference★ 2-4 continentalsymposiums★ ~10 sprints★ ~10 virtual Tune Ups★ 1 World Plone Day
  17. 17. Unparalleledopportunity forinternationalco-operation
  18. 18. Notalwayssoeasy
  19. 19. Too muchPythonViewViewlet ManagerViewletsTALHTMLDOM / lxmlDiazo XMLXSLTComponentLookupErrorWTF ??? RobotGit
  20. 20. ... like Finland in EurovisionPopular and well-known0
  21. 21. Not a part-time hobbyto get to Plone you must go andmeet people in strange places
  22. 22. Far
  23. 23. ★ Ugliest legacy codebase★ Not having smart enough livingperson to fix your bug★ No one caring about us...still...Even with...
  24. 24. Plone is the best CMSfor medium-large scaleorganizations with 15+editors, several subsitesand complex workflowneeds
  25. 25. Plone rocks like no othercommunity on this planet
  26. 26. Open Source Hackermikko@redinnovation.commoo9000