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Solving problems one Plone package at a time


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My lighting talk in Plone Conference 2012 presenting some Plone and Python packages we built to solve our own problems in 3 minutes. Including: Skype bot for project management, different

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Solving problems one Plone package at a time

  1. 1. Solving problems one Plone package at a
  2. 2. visualtitle Because f*ckingFinnish words don’t fit into navigation
  3. 3. Navigation title(portal_catalog)Page body text title
  4. 4. imageportlet(w/ Products.ContentWellPortlets) Because adding images in TinyMCE is too f*cking difficult
  5. 5.
  6. 6. silvuple Because understanding Russian website istoo f*cking difficult
  7. 7. Force user interface to your native language
  8. 8. Show site untranslated items in a list Quickly translate & edit content
  9. 9. plomobileBecause HTML was designed to be rendered in the f*cking browser
  10. 10. TextResize your browser!Responsive design mobile site solution for Plone
  11. 11. 1 file .py The secret1 file .css sauce1 file .jsMobile menu. Tile links fornavigation. Defloat images. Works in Opera Mini.
  12. 12. Sevabot - Skype botwith HTTP integrationsBecause I f*cking hate email
  13. 13. Skype chatbot as Project Manager: Issue updates, production failures, Git/SVN commitscurl $msgaddress --data-urlencode chat="$chat" -- data-urlencode msg="$msg" --data-urlencode md5="$m"
  14. 14. let’s f*cking party