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Operations security - SyPy Dec 2014 (Sydney Python users)


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Operations security - opsec - with some Python related tips

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Operations security - SyPy Dec 2014 (Sydney Python users)

  1. 1. OPSEC - operations security Mikko Ohtamaa SyPy / Sydney / Dec 2014 moo9000
  2. 2. Agenda Background Team security User security Infrastructure security
  3. 3. Person-to-person Bitcoin exchange Bitcoin users are high value targets
  4. 4. Team security
  5. 5. Encrypt devices: computers AND phones ! Two-factor authentication on inbox and site admin ! Google 2FA account incidents:
  6. 6. Password manager (KeePassX) SSH keys, tied to your computer login
  7. 7. User security
  8. 8. Passwords are dead Password stealing attacks by keylogging and cache reading malware Strong passwords give only limited additional protection
  9. 9. Login attempt throttling Threshold logins per IP: script kiddie Threshold per username: spearhead brute force Threshold all logins per minute: botnet attack mitigating-botnet-driven-login-attacks/
  10. 10. Two-factor authentication for your users
  11. 11. Time-Based One-Time Password Algorithm Tic toc keycodes generated by a mobile app TOTP a.k.a Google Authenticator, RFC 6238 Does not require Google account.! OSS apps available
  12. 12. HMAC-Based One-Time Password Algorithm HOTP, RFC 4226 a.k.a. paper codes, one time pad Common in EU banking, unheard in some countries
  13. 13. SMS Yubikey As a service: For Django: django-twofactor
  14. 14. Third factor
  15. 15. Users accidentally give out their credentials Recycled passwords (blackmarket) Phishing (Google Adwords first link stealing) ! Phishers may get two-factor codes too
  16. 16. Third factor parameters Identify web browser (permacookie) Identify the country of IP address The reputation of IP address (botnet, Tor, VPS) IP address whitelist !
  17. 17. "Tinfoil never too tight" attacks Trojan kits with Bitcoin sites "autosteal" Browser add-ons modifying payment data in-fly Android and iOS malware SMS capture attacks Malicious Tor exit nodes ! 93764
  18. 18. Infrastructure security
  19. 19. fail2ban Daemon blocking IPs by continuous log file analysis (e.g. Apache, SSH, custom application logs)
  20. 20. Attack mitigation as a service proxies: Whitehat bounty programs: Known bad IPs: !
  21. 21. Hosting provider and physical attacks Store databases and logs on encrypted partition (LUKS) Backups as encrypted only: duplicity, GPG Server-to-server connections: SSH, VPN Virtual machines are always unsafe
  22. 22. Server security monitoring Log server, FSS (forward secure sealed) logs Intrusion detection (OSSEC) Firewalling ! html
  23. 23. THANK YOU Open Source Hacker mikko@moo9000