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eBOOK new technology

  1. 1. A new device in your lifeAt present, Kindle vs Nook is the in demand brands when it comes to electronic readers. ThoughKindle is the first eBook reader that was launched, Nook was able to catch up and obtained thepopularity that was also get by Kindle. The two devices are distributed by also twopopular, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. With many people searching for the two devices, many Kindle vs Nook articles are availableonline. It is because of the fact that the two devices are just similar with each other. Most of thebuyers search for these articles to ensure that they are able to come up with the right decision. Thearticles aid them to know the one that is best to purchase.In addition to the Kindle vs Nook articles available, this article could also be a great aid for thosewho want to know the best device to purchase. The article just features some importantinformation of the two devices. This could serve a brief introduction for the brands. Kindle vs Nook – Their Difference Since they are the greatest rivals, there are features that they totally differ from each other inorder for them to be able to provide great service for their users. Display – in this Kindle offer display that is black and white. Hence, with this, it looks like reading atypical book. On the other hand, Nook offers display that is colored.Memory size – Kindle has larger storage, as it store about 3,500 books while Nook stores 1,500books. However, Nook has memory card slot for the expansion of the memory. Hence, the higherthe memory slot, the greater the numbers of books to store.Weight – Kindle is lighter than Nook. But, the difference of the weight is about ounces only, whichis absolutely not that far.Navigation – with regards to this, Nook has easier navigation because of its touch screen featurewhile Kindle is keyboard navigation, which is totally confusing sometimes
  2. 2. To enjoy reading Kindle vs Nook – Their SimilaritiesThough they are the greatest competitors, they still have similarities and they are written below. E-Ink Screen – they both offer screen that let readers feel as if they are just reading a newspaper.PDF Support – through this, the PDF format information is readable.Cost – though their price has difference, it is considered just similar because they are not too far. This is the aspect where most of the consumers find hard time, it is because they want to still be practical and opt for the one that is economical yet functional.Store many books – the two devices could store lots of books. If you love reading books, this is definitely a gadget for you because it will let you carry the books that you want in a very light way. The information written above could definitely aid you to know which one is the best for you. Hence, if you are planning to buy an eBook reader, it is vital that you get Kindle vs Nook articles for you to be able to get knowledge about it.