New Year New Kindle


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This is the article to analyze and compare two different tablets. They are Nook vs Kindle.

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New Year New Kindle

  1. 1. Nook vs. kindle analysis There are many key aspects that we can look at in this analysis. In leisure and travel is one of the aspects that we will examine. As much as kindle and nook are based on reading ability,this is the primary function of this tablet. We must understand that we cannot always read allthe time. We also need time for extracurricular activities. With the new generation of kindle that has full browser capability, it means that you can download your chrome or safari browser, check emails constantly, do some shopping and also browse the web. On the other hand, nook had hidden but functional web browser which was wiped out bysoftware update. Do not be sorry because it sucked anyway. You are actually in this market to get the best e-reader and not some kind of digital Swiss army knife. Unless you are an iPad lover then you are on the wrong site.E-readers are small, thin, light tablets often placed on various categories which include Kindle fire, Nook color and iPad. They are however of limited functions which means they do not weight too much and hence are lighter. These e-readers enable you to carry around booksthat you need in just one portable device. On the other hand, Nook is marginally lighter than the rest.Both Kindle vs Nook have systems of e-book lending which is like having a personal library in your hands. However, they have limitations, the lending system of Kindle allows you to lendor borrow a book for a period of 14 days- which is a bit short. On the other hand, Nook allows users to lend out a book just once for 14 days. This is considered very restrictive. This is considering that many of the books owned in the Nook cannot be lent to our network.
  2. 2. Tablets and Gadgets• However, if you want to borrow a book, there are few groups on facebook on both Kindle and Nook you can join and consequently share out your library with likeminded people. As much as the lending systems are restrictive, they are understandable though. This is considering that they have been put to guard against piracy that is rampant today in the digital world. Your best alternative is read faster.• Both Kindle and Nook gives you the ability to transfer any book you have purchased to other e-book capability devices.• In the library, there are many free and restricted books actually millions. The kindle site is widely praised for the low cost and free books on the site. You are also allowed by both Kindle and Nook to read samples of books free of charge before you make the purchase.• However, Nook does not permit downloading of any kind of E-book and other similar materials. This is due to its dependence on Adobe for digital rights management software. Most e-book publishers make use of Adobe DRM. Amazon has also installed a similar feature bon the Kindle. This allows you to download books from the library for a set time period which essentially means that there are not late fees.