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search hry med leave


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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search hry med leave

  1. 1. HARYANA VIDYUT PRASARAN NIGAM APPLICATION FOR MEDICAL LEAVE OF _________________________ Name of official Period and nature of leave applied Last Recommendation of and the for and the article of the C.S.R. or leave Officer appointment he the Fundamental rules under which enjoyed holds claimed ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Purpose of leave :- ______________ Address while on leave :- _______________________________ ________________________________ _________________________________ Signature of Applicant Certified that ___________days _____________leave is due to Sh.______________________under rule 8.119(C) of CSR Vol.1 Part-1 as per balance in his
  2. 2. S/Book. The entry of this application alongwith its particular has been entered in the leave verification register Sr. No. ________ Page No._______. Auditor S.O. /EAD