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Pamela Productions: Weekly Meeting Notes 26-09-13


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Weekly Meeting notes from the 26th September 2013 for Pamela Productions.

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Pamela Productions: Weekly Meeting Notes 26-09-13

  1. 1. Weekly meeting notes 26TH September 2013
  2. 2. Attending Minoli De Silva Alice Lupton Penny Ives
  3. 3. Tasks Reviewing production schedule Discussing alternative methods of presenting work Discussing inspirations for production Confirming cast & production name Planning shoot Scouting Discussing costumes
  4. 4. Reviewing Production Schedule COMPLETED TASKS: - Genre Research - Production Schedule - Production Company Name Brainstorm - Production Company Logo Brainstorm - Social Media Pages - Actor Release Form - Location Release Form TASKS IN PROGRESS : - Brainstorm - Treatment - Planning Brief -Narrative Structure - Look At Credit Used - Pre-Questionnaire - Synopsis - Two Minute Outline - Script - Cast Notes
  5. 5. Alternative Methods of Presenting Work Scribd (word documents) (brainstorms) (infographs/posters) Slideshare (powerpoints) Surverymonkey (questionnaires) Excel (spreadsheets & graphs) PowToon (Information videos) Windows Movie Maker & Final Cut Pro (Video montage)
  6. 6. Inspirations
  7. 7. Production Name & Cast ‘DOWN IN THE WOODS’ CAST: Demon: Arron Ives Ally: Penny Ives Tyler: Kieran Redgewell Darren: ArunMulikasharum Group Of Friends: Gabrielle Thomas, Marcello Harle- Cowen, ArunMulikarsharum, Zoe Goodwin and Partiban Ramsey
  8. 8. Planning Shoot Equipment to be taken from school on Friday afternoon (18th October) to Penny’s house Cast and crew to meet at Alice’s house between 9:30-10:00AM on Saturday 19th October 2013 Alice and penny’s parents to transport cast and crew to location (Claybury Forest): - CAR 1: Minoli, Alice, Marcello and Partiban - CAR 2: Zoe, Arun, Kieran and Gabby - CAR 3: Penny and Arron (with equipment) Upon arrival, equipment will be unloaded and set up, then director will walk actors through the blocking of the scene. Filming to begin at 12:00PM
  9. 9. Scouting To take place on 5th October (SATURDAY). Group (Minoli D.S, Alice L. & Penny I.) will travel to the location via public transport to Claybury Will visit Claybury Forest and will ascertain which entrance and exactly what area of the forest will be used for the shoot Will take photographs to be used as reference when planning shots and second draft of storyboard.
  10. 10. Costumes Demon: GO TO PRIMARK TO BUY CLOTHES TO BE TORN AND DIRTIED - Vans, combat trousers, long-sleeved shirt, Ally: - FOREST: No jumper, soft/pastel coloured t-shirt, skirt and Vans/Converse. - MENTAL HOSPITAL: All white, white t-shirt, white trousers (baggy), grey bed socks and grey cardigan. Tyler: Denim jeans, large hoodie and white t-shirt. Darren & Group: Jeans (leggings for girls), Converse/trainers/Vans, T- shirts (no band t-shirts, large logos – try to avoid dark colours. Can wear checked shirts but not everyone.