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Jhočeský kraj


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Jhočeský kraj

  1. 1. South Bohemia Region Develop: Renata Nováková Karolína Habartová
  2. 2. Location: •It borders to the west with the Pilsen Region, in the north with the Central Region, the Northeast region of the Highlands, the East has a short border with the South Moravian Region •South Bohemian Region located in the Czech.
  3. 3. Population: •The total population •636 723 •South Bohemia is the 7th region with the largest population. •Cities over 10,000 Population: •České Budějovice: 93 620 •Tábor: 35 096 České Budějovice •Písek: 29 729 •Strakonice: 23 027 •Unemployment •Jindřichův Hradec: 21 853 •Český Krumlov: 13 348 /i/mira_nezamestnanosti_v_jihoce •Prachatice: 11 332 skem_kraji_v_letech_2005_az_201 2
  4. 4. Economy: minerals and Industry •Region is very rich in mineral resources. Mined here gravel, building block, brick clay and a few limestone. Slapy •Important natural resources of forests , which occupy more than a third of the region. Therefore worked for the South region of great importance forestry and timber industry Transport: •The region is undergoing major international road and north-south rail corridor from Prague to Austria ; important railway leads from the Czech Budejovice, Plzen.
  5. 5. Industry: •Given the vein of quartz and quartz sand here was also the glass industry . Another important industries were fishing and Temelín agriculture . •Building industry was linked to local traditions , especially in the development of wood processing and the food industry. •Industrial production is concentrated mainly in the urban area and the Tábor and Strakonice . The prevailing manufacturing ( manufacture of transport equipment , machinery , and electrical equipment , food and beverages , textiles and clothing ) .
  6. 6. Agriculture •South Bohemia Region has the second highest Highlands share of employment in agriculture. Agricultural Region of South Bohemia in crop production focuses on the cultivation of cereals, oilseeds ( rapeseed ) , potatoes and fruit (cherries , apples , currants, plums). •Most here rearing cattle , poultry and pigs. Has a long tradition in the South Bohemian Region of fish farming. Fish farming in about 25,000 hectares of water area represents half of the production throughout the Czech Republic . Significant production of wood , especially pine , but pine , which is the Trebon region .
  7. 7. Tourism: •South Bohemia is a traditional tourist destination. For centuries, a place where visitors are quiet, preserved nature and valuable cultural and historical wealth. Support for the development of tourism is therefore one of the priorities of the South Bohemian Region. •South Bohemia is a popular place of harmony : modern infrastructure sensitively complements the rich cultural and historical heritage , the emphasis on quality service is a guarantee of a relaxing , active , sightseeing or relaxing holiday •Strict environmental protection , sensitive restoration and maintenance of historic sites , prudent development of infrastructure and ensure the safety of visitors in South Bohemia are prerequisites for sustainable development sought after tourist region .
  8. 8. Hluboká nad Vltavou Červená Lhota Castle Loket Jindřichův Hradec Lookout Libín Selected monuments Square of Tábor Castle Kotnov Castle Landštejn
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