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  1. 1. Weathering Slide Show This is a slideshow by Minjoon that will tell you about weathering.
  2. 2. Abrasion Abrasion is wind that blows sharp pieces of sand to wear rocks away. This kind of weathering is physical weathering. This is a picture of a rock that was hit by abrasion.
  3. 3. Exfoliation Exfoliation is also physical weathering. It is weathering that causes layers of rocks to peel like an onion. This is a exfoliated rock.
  4. 4. Physical Weathering Physical Weathering is weathering that breaks only the size and shapes. Not chemical that is inside it.
  5. 5. Carbonic Acid Carbonic acid forms when carbon dioxide combines with rainwater. When decaying plants and animals die, they put carbon dioxide inside the soil and then when it rains, it mixes in the soil.
  6. 6. Chemical weathering breaks down plants by changing its minerals. Carbonic acid is a form of chemical weathering. Chemical Weathering
  7. 7. Weathering Weathering is the breaking down of rocks. All the things I wrote down here is a form of weathering. This is a picture of a weathered rock.
  8. 8. Horizon A horizon is a layer of soil. These are all the horizons. A Horizon B Horizon C Horizon Bedrock
  9. 9. Humus Humus is decayed plant and animal material. This is found in horizon A and B. Humus forms when dead animals get decomposed by insects.
  10. 10. Thank You Thank you for watching my slide show!