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  • Our Client is Samsung Electronics and our agency is going to present visual digital strategy about Samsung’s New Galaxy Note2.
  • Be Inspired is our slogan for the campaign.The goal for this campaign is to build more connections and awareness of Samsung’s new Galaxy Note2 with customer’s worldwide.
  • The target audience for this campaign is divided in to two groups. First is broad age range between 22 to 55 year old people.Young users will like this new phone because it has wide screen so people can access to internet to do any work in any places.Elder users will like this new phone because it has wide screen therefore they do not need reading glasses to see messages or videos to contact with their family or work.Second, Designers and Artistic peopleGalaxy Note2 contains “S” pen which makes designers can draw or write anything they want whenever they are inspired of something.Also artistic people will like this new phone because New Galaxy Note2 has bigger space to save any works such as pictures and etc..New Galaxy Note2 has great camera to take pictures and photoshop app to be creative.
  • Strong impression of New Galaxy Note2Make good connections with customers worldwideReceive good reviewsCommunicate with customers through online & blogs to maintain good relationshipsInteresting and informative campaign will satisfy the customersCustomers positive reaction though social media is our outcome of this campaign
  • This campaign is not only spread good things about the product but also create a new community for people to share their interesting and memorable stories and pictures. It will also entertain and reminiscence of people’s times of their special moment to make life even more precious. It is important to appeal good things about the product but my campaign is more focused on making customers to fell in to New Galaxy Note2’s attraction.
  • I will use social media as a marketing tool for this campaign. First I will create contest through Pinterest to catch customer’s attention. The contest is to draw and illustrate best work by using Galaxy Note2 and winner will receive a prize. I have used Pinterest and joined contest and it helped me a lot to know the brand and product. Second, I will use Instagram to upload pictures. Those pictures will be from Galaxy Note2 users and they will upload interesting, pretty, funny, and memorable pictures to share with others. This will help users and nonusers to share ideas and also reinforce the image company’s product. Lastly, I will use Google AdWords to publicize the contest and campaign though Internet.
  • Total budget for this campaign is 110,357,000 dollars. We will use 55,178,500 dollars for Google AdWords and rest is for Pinterest and Instagram.
  • My campaign for Samsung Electronics is to build good image of Galaxy Note2 to customers worldwide. In order to make it happen we are going to create contest to join all the Galaxy Note2 users and nonusers to interact so that they will know more about the product and company. We will promote it thorough social media only. It is best and fast way to appeal to people and to spend minimum budget.  
  • Final project presentation adv420

    1. 1. Minji Kang A41738668
    2. 2. Be Inspired
    3. 3. Target audience Age between 22 to 55 year old customers  Young users  Elder users Designers and Artistic People  “S”pen  Wide screen  More space
    4. 4. Key Performance Indicators Strong impression Make good connections worldwide Receive good reviews Communicate through online & blogs Interesting and informative campaign Customers positive reaction though social media is our outcome of this campaign
    5. 5. Big Idea Build New Community Entertain Reminiscence Customers fell in to New Galaxy Note2’s attraction
    6. 6. Tools& Tactics Social Media  Pinterest (contest for prize)  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  Google AdWords
    7. 7. Pinterest Contest Make best memorable Pin board about your life. Add pictures and anything to show your memorable moment of your life. Winner will receive $2000 in cash!
    8. 8. Instagram ContestPeople who owns Galaxyphone should downloadInstagram app and take apicture or upload bestpicture to win a prize. Thetheme of the contest ismemorable moment ofyour life.Try to win $2000 prize!!!
    9. 9. Budget Prize for winner$2000 Campaign budget$55,176,500 Google AdWords budget$55,178,500Total = $ 110,357,000 US dollar
    10. 10. Again!Thank you !!!