Steps to effective delegation


Published on Pastors need help to effective delegation we have created this resources to help have effective steps in delegation.

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Steps to effective delegation

  1. 1. MinistryAdvantageSteps to EffectiveDelegation
  2. 2. Steps To EffectiveDelegation Discuss the results you’relooking for rather than the stepsthat must be completed to achievethose results.
  3. 3. Steps To EffectiveDelegation2. Clearly communicate what thetimeframe is that the project needsto be completed within and makesure the delegatee agrees to thetimeframe.
  4. 4. Steps To EffectiveDelegation3. Make sure you grant sufficientauthority to get the ministry done.
  5. 5. Steps To EffectiveDelegation4. Make sure all the resourcesnecessary to complete theministry assignment are availableto the leader and let them knowwhat parameters they must workwithin.
  6. 6. Steps To EffectiveDelegation5. Delegate the entire taskwhenever possible.
  7. 7. Steps To EffectiveDelegation6. When a task is delegated, askquestions to make sure it’s wellunderstood.
  8. 8. Steps To EffectiveDelegation7. Make sure the leaderunderstands their accountabilityfor the assignment.
  9. 9. Steps To EffectiveDelegation8. Let the leader know what thepriority is of the project beingdelegated.
  10. 10. Steps To EffectiveDelegation9. Monitor progress throughpre-established checkpoints ordeadlines.
  11. 11. Need More Help WithDelegation? Check Out Module#3In The Online Coaching
  12. 12. MinistryAdvantageSteps to EffectiveDelegation