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Prayer request from care mission india pastor babu

when we Love not Evil then we Can not be the one of the evil , when we speak not what we not then we can be some thing what we can in Christ for Christ the Glory amen ... so be the one who gives the glory and one who knows the true Love to share and preach ..... Pastor Babu

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Prayer request from care mission india pastor babu

  1. 1. My Beloved and Respected Brethren here Iam coming in Christ for Christ we are cryingin the Lord we FACED Big rain with wild wind it hasdestroyed our Care Home ,that wind was made uscry by thy all great prayers and our all orphan
  2. 2. children are well ,... since 5month of 2010 onwardwe are in outside livening and sleeping too peopleare praying for us in Christ amen .WE ARE COOKINGUNDER THE TREE AND EATING THERE ITSELF frommonths together …..That day was 19th of 5 month 2010 from Fridayonward we faced rain but on Saturday at wewere in problem with wild wind so it was taken verydangers rainy with great wind in our place and thatrain was allover in south India but it came to mydistrict with big wind after so many years we sawthis big wind, and great wild wing it destroys everthing in our place,Then our all children were in School , and ever thingin our home was destroyed rain fallen on childrenbags and some booked were wet and wind wastaken our all dress and some other materials it wasterrible day , never we had before we cried in theLord all children were sleeping in the rain thatnight , this was one more mile stone in my life infaith in Christ . We love u thy all prayers thanks forthy Love for India amen and amen.My Respected Brethren Stand with us to build ourcare home center so our orphan Children can happyin the Lord pray for us our children and my family
  3. 3. are living in that same room without protection yeswe are in insecurity .And we made small hut in our land to protect fromrain to our children, here is some pictures childrenare going to school lot of things are spoiled any waywe are safe in the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ.We we are so thanks to share our heart with ourGod thanks for all of your prayers and whateverGod Ordained me to accomplish His will andCommission in South India we are in Christ amen ….Sir Please give my greetings to everyone we needevery one heart and prayers towards our childrenneeds and more protection.*We are crying in the Lord Jesus Christ to have a shelter for our orphan children I think thy could feel my burden we hope and we are praying by faith in Christfor Christ in these last days of our coming masteramen to accomplish.And I feel some times as I am not able to carry andprotect these poor orphans. But God is so faithful Hegiven me Good brethren like you and grateful to
  4. 4. carrying me all the days of my life in HisCommission to accomplish my brethren in the lord Iam so thanks for thy all prayers to me and ourministries and missions in Christ along with you all ,so I am sharing all my heart you sir. I HOPE TO hearfrom thy all heart and PRAY FOR THESE NEEDYCHILDREN SOON therefore we are here to SHAREmy heart AND CRY IN THE LORD. Great to hear thyall....... TO SHARE MY pathetic condition now but weare in faith in Christ still our death in Christ forChrist amen and... What I have to do now. Weare all sleeping out side in small hut we madeit in our Land, we are worshiping in small shedu can see this picture below this is our Church .
  5. 5. *** We need to Rebuild to $14,500 for orphan home 6 Rooms and 1kitchen***