4th Gospel Trip To The Trible Of India


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The God Heavenly Gospel Ministries (TGHG Ministries) is a non-profit, Christian organization that has served our Lord for over 27 years, the father of Pastor T.Ch.Babu started this Mission and ,

His name is , Rev. Luke, who founded the original organization that would eventually become TGHG MINISTRIES, came from the Baptist background. Today we reach out to all Christian denominations and to those who do not yet know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Rev. Luke started TGHG Ministries in 1982 and worked for the glory of the Lord (along with 15 young men) until he went to be with Him in 1998. *************************

After my father passed away, I went into a period of prayer and fasting after which the Lord Jesus Christ gave me a vision for MINISTRIES AND MISSIONS and the wonderful name of our organization (The God Heavenly Gospel Ministries) in 2001.

About Pastor Babu He is the Pastor of BBB Church and evangelist and President of TGHG MINISTRIES AND
SRI LAL N CARE MISSION ,God given him a sweet and wonderful wife and 3 children ....{ He located in Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh, South India }



PASTOR T. CH. BABU Love to care Faith In Action Preach for Christ
OUR E MAIL : South India

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Cell: 0091 9989505580

CLICK HERE THIS IS OUR HEART IN CHRIST , loving to do the will of God ,
Glory to be the survent of the lord Jesus Christ ,

And forgot what we was Just remember
what we are in Christ for Christ .......... this is
all our Ministries N missionss

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  • when we Love not Evil then we Can not be the one of the evil , when we speak not what we not then we can be some thing what we can in Christ for Christ the Glory amen ... so be the one who gives the glory and one who knows the true Love to share and preach ..... Pastor Babu
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4th Gospel Trip To The Trible Of India

  1. 1. -8953503419475-342900123190359092557150Thanks for your all great heart for the India and your prayers towards to win lasts souls for to the establishing of the Kingdom of our Lord and our God the Lord Jesus Christ amen , we are wonderful in the sight of the lord by all your support of PRAYERS and help in Christ for Christ amen , I am coming to you to share our great witness wail we were at treble villages by the grace of God we were 20 young men and women of God entered for the spiritual battle to win those last and the uttermost places of the trebles for the glory of the Lord we were there …… amen …… <br />We could share the good news of Christ to deferent tribes in deferent people in those days, we so thankful to our living master could protected us from all sickness we believe by your all prayers amen ………………….<br />We were 20 people for the Lord and we reached 25 villages to win for the lord with Gospel of Christ on 2010/9/18 to 23 and we had a wonderful time to show our faith in action with the love of God and PREACHED crucifixion and the resurrection of Christ Jesus with those 190500trebles in those days we could see 350 people were in profession of Faith in Christ. <br />-619125-114301within Those 25 villages people are not more than 900 people and those villages have 10 to 30 house , these are some villages have 5 or 6 houses yes it is called village and those tribes will dwell in their Owen style of Living and culture it is totally wove some , <br />Our hearts has grown through by the deferent feelings of Experience with those tribes: <br />We walked miles together to share the Gospel we could not drive our vehicles there because of in-convinces to travel, Mostly one thing I has to share with you people when we were there with those it was tremendous experienced we all had yes when we entered their villages those people were run-away from our sight because they never do not want to hear about Jesus and if we take any picture they will got angry and asked us to remove those pictures , Even though we talked and show the Love of God and next day we preached there about Christ,. <br />As well as we used to go 2 times in deferent days to preach about Christ and we prayed there and the power of God worked and the Grace of God we reaped their lives for Christ in Christ , <br />Then we saw in their faces were so happy to know about Jesus and when we back from their villages they send us with Love therefore they accept Jesus as their Savior in their life’s and it was so great what we had in the Lord with those tribes amen . <br />20574003276600LOVE TO CARE FAITH IN ACTION: we could give our Love in the Lord Jesus Christ so we distributed some women clothes and some for men and some for children , we was the glow in their faces in Christ amen it was great opportunity for us thanks for those supported this support only from my friends thanks for my all friends in Christ for Christ what you are helping me in the Lord I am so grateful to your Love n Care for our Work in the Lord in South India amen , 190500<br />190509525We loving to do the hard work for the accomplishing of our Commission of The Lord Jesus Christ with in His 2nd Coming Please be stand with us as you can in the Lord for the establishing the Kingdome of the Lord to win more and more souls .<br />IF YOU WANT TO STAND WITH US PLEASE GIVE YOUR HELP AND PRAYERS TOWARDS TGHG MINISTRIES<br />OUR CONTACTS: <br />Pastor .T.China Babu, <br />Bible Bhavan Compound, cheepurupalli, Vizianagaram.535128. Andhra Pradesh South India.<br />Cell No: 0091 9440474331. 0091 9989505580. Office: 0091 8952-280522.<br />