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Edutainment Robot         METAL         FIGHTER    [   Education & Entertainment                        Humanoid    ]
KEY         2                              “ Easy to Operate ”Metal-Fighter, Robot Programming Made Easy.Users of this exc...
MINIROBOT Edutainment RobotMETAL-FIGHTERMETAL-FIGHTER CONFIGURATIONServo Motor (MRS-D2009SP)                          x16E...
Edutainment Robot   [ Education + Entertainment ]  New Era for Edutainment Robot  MINIROBOT Corp. is proud to announce Met...
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Mini Robot Fighter


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Educational & Entertainment Robot

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Mini Robot Fighter

  1. 1. Edutainment Robot METAL FIGHTER [ Education & Entertainment Humanoid ]
  2. 2. KEY 2 “ Easy to Operate ”Metal-Fighter, Robot Programming Made Easy.Users of this exciting robot package have an opportunity to learn robot technology first hand.Programming is simple with the supplied RoboBasic softwarevia the included PC interface cable.HMI (High Multi - protocol Interface)We introduces new interface for robot users who want to control their robot servos moreefficiently through our accumulated technical know-how in digital servo technology.HMI will be advanced constantly by firm-ware upgrading for the future.(Note : Optional setting kit required to utilize this function.)● Upgrading firmware & various settings by connecting with connector of servo motor● Parameters setting (2 types of Gains, Dead band etc.) and set value change during operation● Compatible with PWM(Pulse Width Modulation) used in current radio control● Controlling maximum 128pcs of servo motors by Daisy chain serial interface and PC● Able to have feedback for voltage, current and position using the HMICapture & Play FunctionEasy Programming TechniqueThe simplest way to program Metal-Fighter iswith the “capture and play” function.Using RoboBasic,Just move the robot into any position and clickthe mouse to “capture” that position.Move the robot into another position andrepeat the process.The software then links these “captured” positionsand once activated, smoothly transitions the robots movements throughthese programmed positions. Flexible Applications for, All Users in the Kit ROBOBASIC RoboBasic is a programming tool based on the BASIC programming language and is provided for the more advanced users. Containing specific commands for simple robot operation, RoboBasic can also be used to increase the performance of the supplied controller board.
  3. 3. MINIROBOT Edutainment RobotMETAL-FIGHTERMETAL-FIGHTER CONFIGURATIONServo Motor (MRS-D2009SP) x16EA Metal Frame Parts Set x1EAPC interface Cable x1EA NiMH Battery (1000mAh) x1EACharger x1EA Controller (MR-3024FX) ※1 x1EACD-ROM ※2 x1EA Screw & ETC x1EASPECIFICATIONSize 325×180×90mm ※ 1. For Maximum 24 servos and 16 functional modules ※ 2. Including Robot Programming ToolsWeight 1.2kg ※ 3. In Case of applying 6.0V NiMh BatteryTorque 9kg/cm ※3 ※ 4. In Case of Full Charging(Operation time is variable according to Battery ConditionOperation Time Approx.1 Hour ※4 ※ You are requested to buy assembling Tool separately.Chargint Time Approx.60min. ※ PC for programming should be operated by MS Windows. ※ Radio control devices are optional items.METAL-FIGHTER SERVO Applied Convertible Case for 4 Different TypesDIGITAL ROBOT SERVO MOTORMRS -D2009SP● Interface : Multi-protocol Interface and PWM D type● Durable Karbonite Gear used● Dual Ball Bearing C type● Rotation range : 180 degree● Voltage, current, position data reading function● Convertible Top case X1, Convertible bottom case X2 included, Horn X2 included● Variable type of assemblies available<Features> A type● Torque : 9kg · cm (at6.0V) ● Voltage : 6.0V, 5~7,4V B type● Speed : 0.2sec · 60˚ (at6.0V) ● Weight : 45g● Dimension : (L×W×H) Atype 40×20×37mm Btype 40×24×37mm Ctype 40×24×47mm Dtype 40×20×37mm COMBINATIONS DIAGRAM METAL-FIGHTER controller MRS-D2009SP Frame Set MR-C3024 FXFunction ● ● CPU : ATMEL ATMEGA 128 PWM output 3ChEnhancement ● ● Memory : 56kb Flash type Protocol interface ● 40 Digital I/O ports ● A/D exchange board 8ch (w/ IR Sensor) ● Optional LCD indication Unit ● Voltage buzzer equipped, 6oct music sound compatible Control your METAL-FIGHTER remotly with ● Servo parameter setting function ② the IR Remocon kit. Just point and click ● Optional IR remocon kit compatible ① a button to launch a pre-programmed ● High speed serial communication(UART) ● Software Robobasic / Roboscript / Roboremocon compatible sub routine. The Remocon supports up ● Maximum 4 Gyros applicable ① 1B003 to 4 different METAL-FIGHTER robots ● 30 kinds of basic operation using 4 separate ID protocols. ● Ultra sonic sensor applicable ② 1B004 ● Easy update of Firmware through internet download MR-3024 FX Controller Karbonite Servo Gear Set Upper & Lower Servo Horn Set Sound Module Gyro Sensor (For MRS-D2009SP) Servo case Set (For MRS-D2009SP) (For MRS-D2009SP) Option Parts NiMH 6V 1000mAh PC Serial Interface Cable Connector Cable 8type Quick Charger USB to Serial Interface Cable Foot Plates for METAL-FIGHTER Metal-Fighter Instruction Guide 406-840, #306, Industrial Technology Center 7-27, Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu Incheon, ● MF kit could be worked after assembling and setting a zero point through KOREA robobasic MF version. ● Cabling should be clean according to MF manual after assembling the MF. TEL : +82 - 32 - 260 - 7272 ● The charge would be red lamp during charging, and it would be appear green lamp after full of charge, the lamp appears to be on and off or put out the light FAX : +82 - 32 - 260 - 7273 when it has some problems. Email : ● User should operate MF motion on the hard flat floor. It could not operate on a lot of frictionized floor like carpets or rudder floor. ● To assemble the MF tool like +type no.1 driver can be used.※ All technical information changeable without notice.
  4. 4. Edutainment Robot [ Education + Entertainment ] New Era for Edutainment Robot MINIROBOT Corp. is proud to announce Metal-Fighter. This exciting new humanoid robot offers educators, students and robotic hobbyists a complete robot package. The stable Metal-Fighter can walk, run, do flips, cartwheels, dance moves and once programmed, is ready to compete in any Robot Contest class “Light” competition. Available two ways, as a kit, so you can enjoy building your robot yourself, or as a re-assembled,“RTW”, “ready to walk” instant gratification robot.KEY 1Your Metal-Fighter kit was designed for easy assembly in 1 to 2 hour using only a screwdriver. “ Easy to Build ” [ Servo Motors ] Completely Designed Servo Only for Robot Operation This fully articulating, 325mm high, mechanical man is controlled with 16 powerful MRS-D2009SP digital servos built specifically for the Metal-Figter. These custom servos feature “set pin” locking of the servo arms for easy assembly, over-voltage protection, super strong Karbonite gear trains and “feedback” technology. [ Metal Framework ] The custom silver, black, red, blue anodized metal servo brackets serve as a strong and lightweight exoskeleton. Metal-Fighter also features durable plastic body case components that protect the controller and battery from damage [ Controller ] Micom Board with Flexible Interface The controller is the heart of the Metal-Fighter. Secured to the back of the robot under a strong plastic case, the controller can operate up to 24 servos and 16 accessory modules. Optional devices will eventually include gyro’s, acceleration sensors, speech synthesis modules and operational devices such as Zigbee controllers and R/C transmitters and receivers. This flexible and sophisticated interface allows the user to customize Metal-Fighter into the robot of their dreams. [ Battery and Charger ] Powering the Metal-Fighter is a 5 cell, environmentally friendly NiMH Rechargeable battery that delivers around 1 hour of operational time. Other battery options can include 7.4 volt 2 cell Lithium Polymer battery packs when used with a 6 volt regulator. The included A/C to D/C charger features a protection circuit to help prevent battery charging mishaps.