Lost zombie season contest.


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Lost zombie season contest.

  1. 1. Lost Season 7: Zombie Island Cast: Nestor Carbonell-Richard Alpert Tom Connally-Charles Widmore (age 18) Alexandra Krosney-Eloise Hawking (age 18) Mark Pelligrino-Jacob Ken Leung-Miles Straume Jeff Fahey-Frank Lapidus Guest Cast: Josh Holloway- James "Sawyer" Ford Titus Welliver- The Man in Black Jorge Garcia-Hugo "Hurley" Reyes Episode 1: The Rising (Richard Centric) Prieviously On Lost: Richard arrives on the Island via Black Rock in 1867, and takes the job as advisor and go between of Jacob, and he can't age. 140 years later, Richard and Miles are walking towards and outrigger, and Miles plucks a grey from Richard's head. Richard, Miles, Sawyer, Frank, Kate, and Claire escape the island via Ajira plane. Act I Setting: May 23rd, 1955, The Others' '50s camp, as seen in Jughead Richard Alpert awakes quite suddenly. It is night, but the camp is full of screams and gunshot. Richard jumps up from his cot and darts outside. A young Charles Widmore is holding his signiture M1 Garand rifle; it's smoking from the end. "Charles! What the hell are you doing? It's three in the morning!" yells Richard, with a very ticked off look. "I was defending us. This creature came from the jungle and attacked me. It was vicous; it grabbed me and attempted to bite me. I opened fire." says Charles, with a as a matter-of-factly- tone. Richard is silent. He is in thought, with an inquisitive look on his face. Charles slings his rifle on his back, and bades Richard to follow him. They walk around 20 feet to see a body on the
  2. 2. ground. Richard has a shocked look on his face. "What the hell!?" asks Richard. The body had decaying, green flesh. Bone was sticking out, and it smelled awful. It can only be described by one word: zombie. "Where's Ellie?" asks Richard. "I couldn't stop her. She took her M1 Carbine and ran into the jungle. I'm going after her." says Charles. "No you're not." says Richard. Richard walks to the middle of the camp, and everyone gathers around. "No one goes into the jungle! We will wait until morning. Tomorrow will be a long day, so get your rest. At light, I'll send a group to the temple to warn everyone there to barricade the doors and gather weapons. If you don't have a gun, then go to the temple tomorrow, and get one. We have plenty, after the U.S. army incident last year. Charles and I will go and look for Eloise. I don't know what's happening, but I'm sure more of those things will be around." speaks Richard, with a determined look on his face. Just as he finishes, a loud male screech comes from the jungle, followed by growling. The screen turns black, and act 1 ends. The LOST sign approaches, as it does every episode, but it is dripping with blood. As it begins to leave the screen, demonic laughter is heard. END OF ACT Act II The screen comes on to Richard Alpert, holding a pistol, with a rifle slung behind him, walking through the jungle with an inquisitive look. Closely following him is Charles Widmore, with his rifle drawn. It is now the next morning. "Do you still see the trail? I've lost it." says Widmore. "I know where I'm going." says Richard. They continue on in an awkward silence. After some time passes, they here rifle fire in the distance. Richard bades Widmore to follow him quietly. They cut through the trees and go up a small hill. They are looking down on a shallow creek. Eloise Hawking is standing in the middle of the creek, her M1 Carbine drawn. She ejects the magazine from the gun, and is out of ammo. Zombies, like the one from the previous morning,
  3. 3. are running at her. Richard and Widmore jump from the trees, guns blazing. Richard throws Ellie his rifle, and they slowly begin to bring down the zombies. Once they are dead, Ellie begins to leave. "Where are you going? We came out here to find you." says Richard. "More of those things are coming. We have to go now." says Ellie. ] Shortly after she finishes talking, a loud sound is heard: the black smoke. "RUN!" yells Widmore. The group runs in opposite directions. Richard is running, nearly tripping twice. He clears the jungle and is on the beach. Richard smiles, he was where he wanted to be: the statue of Taweret's foot. Sitting near it, on a log, wearing a white shirt, was Jacob. Richard walks toward him and takes a seat next to him. "Hello Richardus." says Jacob, in a calm tone. "Hello Jacob. I need your help." says Richard. "I assume your talking about those creatures." "Yes" "Well, you know I can't intervene. You should go to the temple. It's safe." says Jacob. "Do you know anything about them?" asks Richard. "Yes. But you'll find out soon enough." says Jacob. Jacob rises from the log and walks to the statue, casually. "You might want to get moving. Eloise and Charles won't last long." says Jacob in a wise tone. He disappears into the statue, blocking the entrance with a stone. Richard runs back into the jungle. * * * Meanwhile, Charles and Ellie stop running. They hear more zombies coming. Charles is aiming his rifle, ready to fight. "Stop being an idiot. We can't fight them off. I don't plan to die today." says Ellie in a
  4. 4. commanding tone. "I don't think there that many coming after us. We could fight." says Charles. "NO! We can't fight them. Now let's go!" yells Ellie. Charles slings his rifle behind his back and rolls his eyes. They begin walking. After awhile, Ellie stops. She draws her rifle. "Do you hear anything?" She asks. "Yeah, I do. I think more are coming." says Charles. He was right. Around six zombies leap from the bushes and trees, three on each side. Ellie fires instantly. Charles follows. After the zombies are distracted, they run. More zombies join the pursuit. When they are about to be overtaken, Richard arrives and shoots at the zombies with his pistol. "Get to the Temple!" he orders. Even mores zombies arrive, making around 30 of them. The zombies are fast, very fast, and they don't tire. The group, is tiring. Just as it is almost to late, a roar is heard. The zombies stop and turn. The trees nearby are thrown into the air, and the black smoke, in a snakelike form, flies out, and throws trees at the zombies. The one that remain are then thrown into the air. The smoke flies away, roaring as it goes. "What the hell?" says Charles. END OF ACT Act III The act starts with Richard, Eloise, and Charles, sitting around a fire, with a skewered boar above it. Charles had hunted it earlier. They were talking. "Where were you?" asks Ellie. "I was with Jacob." says Richard. "Jacob? What did he have to say?" says Charles. "None of your business." says Richard. "Why can't we see Jacob?" asks Ellie.
  5. 5. "You aren't ready, either of you. I will tell you when you are. And only the leader can be summoned by Jacob. Since we are inbetween leaders now, I am in charge. I can go to Jacob in times of great trouble." explains Richard. "One question: why don't you age?" asks Charles. "Because I don't want to die, and I have vowed to serve this Island, Jacob, and I will forever." says Richard, with a determined tone. * * * The audience hears the flashback/forward sound. Richard is seen sitting in a taxi. It comes to a halt and he gets out, carrying a suitcase. Richard is standing in front of a large house. The car parked in the driveway has a California license plate. Richard walks up the sidewalk and knocks on the door. It swings open, and Miles is standing there. "Richard! You made it. I thought your plane crashed on the Island." says Miles, with a laugh. "Ha ha, very funny Miles. Do you have company?" asks Richard. "Well well, if it isn't Yoda himself." says Sawyer, who is sitting on the couch behind Miles, drinking a beer. "James. Still using the nicknames? I thought that after eight months of being home, you would have quit." says Richard. "Never. That's my scar from the Island." says Sawyer. Miles signals for Richard to come in. Richard does, and drops his bag. Miles hands him a beer. Richard plops down on the couch. "How have you been, James?" asks Richard. "Oh, I've been peachy. I'm a bouncer at a bar downtown LA. You?" "I have a farm down in Tenerife, Canary Islands. That's where I lived before the Island. I saw Lapidus in the airport. He's an Ajira pilot still. How's Kate and Claire?" "They are living together, raising Aaron." replies Sawyer. "I see." says Richard.
  6. 6. "I have to get to work. Thanks for the drink, Miles." says Sawyer. "No problem, Jim." Sawyer gets up and walks out of the house. Miles sits down next Richard. "I imagine you are glad to be home, with all this wealth." says Richard. "I made over 8 mill. when I sold those diamonds I got from those dead jambonies, Nina and Pablo. No, Nikki and Paulo. How bout you?" says Miles, with a smile. "I love being free. I spent 140 years on that island, only leaving for bussiness. Now, I'm never going back." says Richard. * * * The audience hears the flashback/forward sound. Richard is rising from his log, pistol in hand. Eloise and Charles do the same. END OF ACT Act IV The group is once again running; more zombies are chasing, and they are out of ammo. They are a few hours from the Temple, but they are about to be outrunned. "You two distract them! I know what to do!" orders Richard. "Are you mad?" yells Charles. "Just do it!" yells Richard. While Richard runs to the trees, Charles and Eloise flank the zombies by running around to each sides. The zombies stop; they feel surrounded. Meanwhile, Richard begins searching hurriedly around the trees. He finds what he wanted: a flare, strapped to a stick. Richard sticks it in the ground and lights the flare. It flies into the air and bursts in red light. The zombies run off towards it. Richard gestures the other two over, and they set out again. "I think they're gone." says Eloise. "I hope so. We have no ammo, and it barely effects them anyway. We need more fire." says Charles.
  7. 7. "Quiet. I hear something." says Richard. "It's nothing." says Eloise. Just as she finishes talking, a zombie falls out of the tree, onto Eloise. The zombie began rapidly biting her, and blood was everywhere. Charles reacts instantly. He tackles the zombie and beats it with a stick. Richard pulls Eloise away, trying to shush her screams of pain. Charles grabs the zombie by the head, and snaps it's neck. He runs to Eloise, who was slipping into unconsiousness. "Hang on, Ellie. We'll fix this." says Charles. Ellie passes out. "Charles, we have to get her to the Temple. We can't treat this ourselves. You go on with her, I'll hold them off." Richard says. "Thank you Richard. I'll repay you someday. But why?" asks Charles. "I lost someone very close to me a long time ago. I don't want you to have to go through that." says Richard, with tears beginning to develop. Charles nods and grabs Ellie. He runs off. * * * The flashbck/forward sound is heard. Richard is in a bed, asleep. He is suffering from a nightmare, talking in his sleep. "I.... I won't go back! Does the offer still stand? Get the hell away! AHHHHHHHHHH!!" screams Richard. He jumps awake, sweating. He jumps out of bed and goes out of the room and downstairs. Miles is sitting with a cup of coffee at the table. "Couldn't sleep either? I had an odd dream." says Miles. "I dreamed that Hugo came and told me we had to go back. Then, undead creatures attempted to eat us, we were on the Island. I don't remember the rest." says Richard. "I can communicate with the dead, you know. I talked with Jack, in my sleep. He had a knife wound in his stomach. He said that me, you, Lapidus, and Sawyer had to go back, that Ben and Hugo were in danger. It was odd. My ability only allows me to hear their final thoughts. I never see anyone." explains Miles. "I won't go back! Never!" yells Richard. * * *
  8. 8. Richard was standing in a clearing, with a circle of torches, and a fire in the center. "You bastards want us!? Come and get me!!" yells Richard. The zombies leap from the jungle, and run at the circle, probably 25 of them. Richard throws the torches, and a fire is created in the grass. The zombies are on fire. They flank him, however, and one leaps on Richard. It is about to bite him, when a shot rings out. More follow, and the zombie falls dead. Richard jumps up. Others from the Temple run onto the scene, guns blazing. Richard throws torches and a large fire starts. END OF ACT The scene opens with a flash forward. Richard is drinking coffee at the table. The doorbell rings, and Miles gets up to open the door. Hugo Reyes walks in. Richard drops his coffee mug. "Hurley? What the hell are you doing here!?' yells Richard. "Relax dude, I just wanna talk." says Hurley. The scene switches to Richard, on the Island. He is with a group of others. The zombies are dead, and it is night. They are going to the temple. The scene shifts again to Charles Widmore, who is carrying Ellie. She is still unconsious. "Don't worry. I won't let anything happen to you." says Charles. They are at the Temple. They walk passed the lake and up to the door. It is closed. Charles begins pounding on it. No one opens it. The sound of zombies is heard. The scene shifts one final time. Jacob is sitting on the log by his statue. The Man In Black walks out of the jungle. He is carrying his old Senet game, and a small, cooked boar. He drops the boar on the rock near Jacob. He sits down on the opposite log, and starts preparing the game. "Hello Jacob." says Man In Black (MIB). "Hello." says Jacob, calmly. "How are you?" "Fine. I had a visitor last night. Richard Alpert." says Jacob. "How is Richard?" "I think you know. Did you cause these zombies to rise from the Island?"
  9. 9. "No. I wouldn't do that. I will have a loophole, but not yet." "I'm sure you will. But I warn you, I will be ready." says Jacob. "You say that now, but we both know you won't." "You told me years ago, brother, that one day I would have a game with my own rules. We're playing by my rules. I will be ready, and once I'm gone, I will be replaced." says Jacob "Whatever you say, brother." LOST Episode 2: